03 April 2019

DEFY Kitchenaire Six Twenty stove

Stove Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

If you notice dust/power lying at the bottom of your oven don't ignore it, it's your electric oven showing you that he needs attention.
DEFY Kitchenaire Six  Twenty stove 

DEFY Kitchenaire Six  Twenty stove

Seeing a powder residue in the oven cabin is a sign that one of the heating-elements has exploded and the oven should not be used again till you had professional appliance tec looked at it.

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20 March 2019

Inverter repair

Inverter Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Since stage 4 Load shedding has been introduced my workbench has been piling up with broken inverters and the reason for these breakages could all have been avoided
Inverter dismantled for repairs
Low voltage batteries 

Low voltage battery is the single biggest reason why these Inverters failed.

A low voltage battery will cause a higher current flow through the inverter!

Now isn't this an a-ha moment!

Let me say this again " a low voltage battery will cause a higher current to flow through the inverter! And most electronic components cannot handle the higher current.

Another a-ha piece for you to digest!

Battery charger in an inverter cannot quick-charge

What this basically means if the power from the grid is off for 4 hours and back on again for a short time before it goes off again the inverter charger cannot get the battery up to its optimal performance level. 
It also takes more to charge Gel batteries when its voltage is down. You basically need a separate quick charging battery-charger. 

The last heads-up I want to run past you is 

Fitt a voltage meter on the inverter battery

Better still fit an electronic voltage meter with an alarm. There are a couple suppliers that manufacture them but like everything here in Port Elizabeth it has to be ordered.  (if you can't find them - go to Ann she can get you anything)

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12 March 2019

Current Kills

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Electrical current flow from an energy source to energize appliance. By putting your body in the path of the current flow it will divert some of the electrical currents to the human body.

The human body has a resistance of 500 to 1000 ohms that will limit the current flow


1 Volt = 2 Ma to flow
220 Volt = 440 ma

Basically, I am trying to tell you not to work with your appliances once it's switched on and always wear shoes.


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10 March 2019

Refrigerator Door Gaskets for FREE

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

We are busy cleaning our appliance parts storeroom and I have found a bunch of Fridge gaskets (Door seals) that were made for customers who never came to collect them. Instead of just dumping the door seals you are welcome to the fridge seals for FREE.

Refrigerator Door Gaskets
NoSize in MillimeterType
1755 x 600White - Clipon
2440 x 675"
3805 x 555"
4830 x 555"
51050 x 565"
61190 x 675"
7760 x 600"
8750 x 600"
9905 x 500"
10525 x 520"
111035 x 520"
121120 x 525Grey
13440 x 330Oven clipon

25 February 2019

Fridge warm and freezer cold

Refrigerator Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

The refrigerator is no longer cooling the content inside the fridge compartment and the freezer cabinet is freezing but some of its content is getting softer. Do not panic there is an easy solution to your temperature fluctuation problem,


The frost-free refrigerator comes with their own unique set of problems and the most common problem is the fridge starts to warm up and the freezer section ices up - (then no more air circulation)

I've mentioned in a previous post that Frost-free refrigerator still makes frost but the ice is hidden away. This brings me to the other reason for this post is m

In our part of the world (Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape) It is common for refrigerators to over-ice during December, January and February sometimes it even goes into March when the moister in the air higher. In December it's not the weather that causes the problem, its the frozen treats that cause the over-icing. It is holiday time and the freezers are loaded with treats, The freezer door is opened more frequently and every time you do that hot moist air comes cussing in - condensation on the condenser plates. 

Although the condenser sections have heater elements fitted to melt down the ice that forms on the freezer fins, at some stage the condensation is just too much for the elements to handle. Especially if the door was left open for the night.

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18 January 2019

Oven door hindges

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

If you start noticing your stove knobs are getting very hot or your baking results start becoming inconsistent it might be a sign that the oven door hinges worn.

Defy oven door hinges
A broken oven door seal shows the same signs - the oven temperature fluctuate more and it comes on frequently

Installing the male hinges are easy, the is only 3 screws at the top and 3 at the bottom to remove. The hinge housing (female side) is a little bit more intense, Most of the time one has to remove the oven outer cover
Oven door hinge-housings

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14 January 2019

Defy gas stove gas 5 burner Model DGS161 Wiring diagram

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Defy gas stove 5 burner Model DGS161


07 January 2019

Washing machine or tumble dryer motor not turning

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

When your Washing Machine or tumble drier motor stop turning, the capacitor is the first part you examine.

Over Heated capacitor

  1. Just to put you in the loop,. A capacitor is normally a cylinder type device that stores electric energy. This stored energy is every time the electric motor starts-up

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02 January 2019

Wiring and connections in 2019

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Defy oven Thermostat wiring 
 Sometime things look more complicated than what it really is;

  • Take a step back 
  • Asses the situation 
  • Then dive-in and get into it 
Enjoy this years journey!

Remember you only get one chance to live a moment. Life is not a rehearsal - You cannot go back and get that moment back.

Stay in gratitude

See you on the otherside


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