08 July 2019

Another First for GE Appliances

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GE Appliances does it again
GE appliances are known for their Firsts and also have a proud record-list of
been awarded more than a 100 patents
Ge’s Firsts
Apart from having been known for their innovated appliance, they have
also created the first;-
  • Dishwasher single-rack front loader (Launched in 1936)
  • Fridge/Freezer Combination with two doors (in 1947)
  • Ovens that do self-clean(in 1963)
  • Wall ovens that do Hot air Frying (in 2019)
Bob Park the Brands Chief for GE Appliances Canada recently said at
the launch of the Hot-air-Frying wall oven, that this oven will fill an
Appliance cap in the market.
Consumers have become more health-conscious in the way they prepare their
food combine with the general trend of consumers aiming for minimalists living.
Bob says this wall hot air-frying-oven will help to declutter your counter-top
because you won't need a stand-alone air fryer.

Great news, I just can't wait to prepare my first healthy meal in one of these