11 January 2016

Samsung Toploader Washing Machine Burning

Washing Machine Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Always use reputable Appliance Repair Company to repair your appliances otherwise it could come back to haunt you. This post is about checking-out and evaluating a contractor.
Solenoid valve had a electrical-short

Hiring a Contractor 
All contractors differs from each other - as every tradesman has different skills which he specialises in.
An Appliance technician are not same as a electrical contractor or a building contractor with whom you are going to spend a couple days/weeks with. With an appliance Chap you just want your unit working as quickly as possible and that is it! - but it is also important that you feel comfortable with your appliance guy and that he has relevant experience.

How to quickly evaluate your Appliance Contractor

There is whole procedure of checking out a contractor that is going to do work for you. In the case of having your appliances repaired you don't want spend hours or sometimes days to check out someone's background and previous work experiences who is just going to change the Microwave oven lamp.

Here is my list for evaluating a service provider.
  • First Impression - Trust your instincts. 
  • Is he working from a physical address - just incase something goes wrong.
  • Does his business have a landline (telkom phone number)
  • Internet profile check it out  or his company
  • If he is soliciting business off the street directly to your door - do not let him in.

Samsung Toploader washing machine

In a next post I will go into more details for checking out a building contractor and how to do background checks.

Please if you have more ideas for checking-out a appliance technician - let us know leave a comment below or one on facebook.