08 November 2016

Samsung is Grey

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Junkyard grey - Samsung no longer supply parts to back their Appliances, once the appliances are out of its warranty period the company are finish with you. So whatever you do,  Do not buy any Samsung Appliances again especially if you are staying in the Eastern Cape your samsung appliances has just become grey-junk

It seems Samsung SA just employing Ping-pong players and they are aiming to be the no 1 Ping-Pong company.

It has now been weeks since I have been trying to get answer from samsung but they are such good ping-pong players they just bounce you to the next Ping pong player. 

The ping-pong team main airheads are Peters and Chatt but don't bother they are completely unapproachable (returning calls are not in their scope of practice) or maybe they too busy working that they have no time for their customers. (i always thought customer are reason why one work)  

What went wrong

Its just so hard to comprehend when big branded appliances start going south.

Kelvinator, National, KIC, Hi Tachi, etc are all Appliance Brands that use to be great products like Samsung and are no-longer. These brand names are still been used by devious marketers  to quickly sell their inferior products to unsuspected consumers. Most of these products get imported from some place which you can't even pronounce and then a well know name get slap on them.

These dodgy has-been Appliance brands gets sold with no backup service like parts or professional consumer service department. (I really think this is where our government should step in to protect the South Africa's consumers)

Getting back to "What went Wrong" . . . .! "I don't know" 

I saw the same happening with Barlows and HiTachi before they went belly up with their appliances. They could not supply the trade with parts and their agents would strip "comeback appliances" for parts to fix appliances that is still under warranty. 

All I can say is . . . .

Rest in Peace Samsung

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