24 October 2011

ghd Repairs

ghd Repairs - Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth
ghd Repairs
Good Hair Day Hair Straighteners (ghd stylers) repairs in Port Elizabeth just call 083 52 52 52 2

The ghd hair stylers are engineering master pieces which has revolutionized hairstyling. When use correctly your ghd will give you years of creating iconic hair masterpieces. Unfortunately life happens to all of us and we get into sh..situations which we have no control over - on the upside you get to meet us and we look forward to meeting you.

If you are lucky and you live in Port Elizabeth or even if you are not so lucky we will still look at your ghd. When your Ghd hairstyler starts going on the blink do not panic, most of the time it is just something small like;

• The ghd powercable is the most common item that causes problems check for the following signs
o Power light starts flashing when you move the cable.
o The power light does not come on at all.

Be on the lookout for black marking or open wire and also check for kinks/ melts and cuts. When you cannot see the obvious mistakes it could also

>Never-ever wrap the electric cord around the ghd when storing is shortens the lifespan of the wire.

• ghd cable socket will show the same symptoms as a ghd power cable, when faulty

Other ghd faulty Signs Symptoms

Ghd Thermal fuse – don’t ever bypass it because it can cause the ghd to catch fire
Ghd Thermistor - Regulates the ghd temperature. Signs to look for;
o The ghd heater-plates are not heating when the thermistor that has gone on the blink.
o ghd will also have a continues beep.

• Continues Beep could also be a signs of a “bad” solder “joint” on one of the ghd electronic boards.
• When ghd Heater are not heating it could also be that a wire has detached it self and needs to be re-soldered
o It is also common for the ghd heater element to cracked, (dropped by accident)
o The ghd heater elements sometimes become brittle once it becomes old.

• Word of caution! Never keep on using the ghd if only one heater element is getting hot because then you will cause more(double) damage to your ghd
While we repair all ghd’s - we do recommend you have your unit done by the official agents - just for the sake of your ghd guarantee.

I hope you have a super Good Hair Day