Cleaning Washing Machine Inner Drum

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Cleaning a Washing Machine

How do you know it is time to clean your washing machine inner drum? - when it starts talking to you through your nose and your washed clothing also smells.

Another noticeable sign that your washing machine inner drum is dirty is when you start seeing black spots on the clothes after it has been washed.

After you have put on washed cleaned clothes it always has that freshness smell, but after an hour or two when your body and garments heat up.. . .  a smell starts to filling the airspace around you it could mean
Reasons for smells
  • You are using an inferior washing detergent to wash your washing
  • Under dosing - (using to little cleaning agent will make clothes smell clean but it will not actually remove all the bacteria) 
  • Inner drum of Washing Machine is dirty and covered with bacteria
  • Your personal hygiene skills needs improving

Here is how you should do it

  • Select the Heavy-load or Maximum water setting, because you want your machine to fill up right to the rim.
  • Fill washing machine with Hot water and once it stops add another liter or two which you pour in by hand. The idea is to get the water level over its usual level because just above that normal level is the "black-greasy-rim" which you want to remove.
  • Pour a cup of white vinegar and a cup of soda. Sometimes I use Dishwasher detergent instead, which also removes scum off the inner drum beautifully.
  • Then Switch on the washing machine and let it do a couple of turns  - so that the cleaning mixture can dilute and mix with water.
  • Switch off and let the washing-machine stand for at least 24 hours. Personally I like to leave it for a weekend. Friday to a Monday morning
  • After this soaking period switch the machine on and let it complete the washing cycle with the cleaning mixture
  • If you want you can run it through another wash cycle without anything in it but it not really necessary because most washing machine have about rinse cycle which they take in water and pump it out again.
  • Cleaning a front-loading washing machine is basically the same as a Toploader washing machine you just follow the steps as described above
  • Select hottest wash 
  • Pour Cleaning mixture or 150g Dishwashing Machine detergent directly into the drum or pour it into the soap dispenser tray
  • Switch washing machine on and let fill with water. After it has turn a couple of times it will start to heat up the water. Once it has the machines water is hot (feel the glass door). Turn machine off. then add another 4 liters hot water which you pour in through the soap dispenser.
  • Let it stand for a day or two with water/detergent mixture inside it.
  • After the soak period switch turn power on and let machine complete cycle
I recommended that you clean your washing machine every 6 months but it is entirely up to you,It also depends on what you wash on a regular basis, if it is overalls or sweaty sports clothing - then you should do it more often.

 If you feel you wanna do it every month - Go-for-it!


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Dirty Washing Machine Hose

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Dirty Washing Machine Hose

When was the last time you cleaned your washing machine?

Do you know there are Aliens living inside your Washing Machine and they are multiplying daily.

And you are wondering why you are getting sick

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