08 June 2015

Signs of Low Refrigerator Gas

Signs of Low Refrigerator Gas - Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth
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Domestic and Industrial refrigerator give you different indicators or signs when it is low on Gas (refrigerant). In this post I am just going to cover domestic fridges/freezers and in another post I will do industrial fridges (walk in refrigerators).

Refrigerant starvation can lead to expensive repairs

Signs of Low refrigerator Gas

1. The first signs of low gas; your food starts to freeze up in the fridge section of your refrigerator. Salad leaves turning black (frostbite), tomatoes are frozen in the vegetable draw, milk and eggs are also frozen in the fridge. (This also the time when most people think it is the refrigerator-thermostat that has gone on the blink – but I will explain more about this situation in another post)
2. The second sign; the fridge is developing a ice buildup on the condenser plate and a faint smell is present

3. Big block of ice is forming in one corner of the refrigerator and freezer section is making too much ice. It becomes difficult to keep the freezer door close. It is about this stage you start hearing a clicking sound
4. At stage four your fridge is not making any ice anymore but the inside back is still sweating a lot with water dripping continuously. The moldy smell has also increased. The freezer section is now really over-icing. At this stage you also start breaking the inside-draws because they are now freezing soled and are stuck. Clicking sounds start to increase.  In another post I will explain more about that clicking sound. For now if you don’t speak Refri-lingo the "clicking" sound means "Help!"                                                        
5. At stage five your refrigerator is close to dying a horrible death, it becomes noisy and stays off for long period. The frozen food becomes soft and everything starts to defrost.

If you notice any of the above mentioned signs in your refrigerator don’t let the compressor and refrigerator suffer. Switch it off straight away then get a professional to come analyze your refrigerator.

I hope this information has added some value to your life


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