25 May 2010

Gas or Electric Braai

One of the best smells around is that of a “Free State thorn Tree” wood fire, burning for an early morning braai (breakfast). In the old Transvaal a wood fire flames seems to be going meters into the air.

Socializing around these fires with friends and family normally turns into an event.
Staying at the coast is great but we just don’t have the wood quality and flames that the inlanders have. Barbequing at the coast brings a whole set of new challenges and rules.

When I moved to the coast I thought it strange that about every second house has an indoor braai area. I still remembering thinking to my self, “What a lot of Wimps”
But you learn very quickly! Because the weather changes very quickly here and before you can do anything the rain has sorted out the fire. If the wind starts to blow, the fire and coals will disappear in front of your eyes. (Some guys actually like it when this happens, because it gives them extra socializing time - while starting a new fire.)

Lately I have been to a couple of braais where there has been no wood involved. The hosts has eider used gas or electricity. Must say in the beginning I was completely anti this practice (old school). After seeing the advantages, I have now started to look at these gadgets.

Hitting the stores has really made me even more confused because there are so many models and types in the stores. (some of them nearly cost the same as a small car) You can choose from the various styles and designs and choose the type which will best suit your area or even match with tiles.
• There is even a light inside which you can switch to see the status of your meal
• You can even have it installed in the kitchen inside your home. They do not take up any floor space and look classy and modern at the same time.
• You can cook small or large meals for the entire family on gas/electric grills as it is very versatile. There is even a clock and timer which you can adjust accordingly.
• There are touch pads where you can control the temperature. When you go shopping for them then you will see that you will have many options to choose from.
• Some have build in countertop so you can place hot meals there.

Susan said electricity is best and Kallies point that you can braai with gas when there is no power also has value.

“What to Do”?

Ps. Any advice would be appreciated and in the meantime I am still using the old wood fire