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Surgical Lights
Livingstone Hospital Operating room
In the hey days (1800) operating rooms had big windows and they were build facing the sun. The drawback was it meant that operations could only be done at a certain time of day.
Fortunately this has all changed with the invention of electricity.
These days even greater demands are been put on getting a focus color filtered light in the operating theaters because different color lamps makes certain tissue more visible but above all it must also show the true tissue color

Lux Meter is used to measure the amount of visible light at a certain point. Lux units are then measure at 1 meter distance from the emitting light field center to get maximum Lux intensity. One of the major problems with operating theater lights centration and illumination. was heat radiation. With the the help of light emitting diodes this problem was solved and it also help to reduce energy usage.

Guidelines for Operating light requirements

  • Colour Rendering: (Ra) should be 85 to 100 (this is used to distinguish to tissue color)
  • Central Illuminance: Should be  40 000 to 160 000 lux
  • Shadow dilution:  Should be 50% using four different cross light field sections (the ability to minimize obstruction
Listen to me rattling along here but I just can't help myself - illumination is such a fascinating subject to me.

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