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Did you know the average older type Dishwasher uses about 14 litre water per wash cycle(13 place setting)?

New Dishwasher models now use 7 litre water per wash cycle, manufactures made innovating improvements in the following area`s;

1. Water storage; 3 litre of the finale rise water gets re-cycled and stored - to be used in the next wash cycle. “It such simple feature, I wonder why nobody ever thought about it before”.
2. Hydro-sensor; this is a sensor that checks the degree of soiling in the stored water before it gets used in the next pre-rinse or main wash.

It seems the guys that are taking the lead in Dishwashing-technology advancement are Zanussi, John Lewis and Bosch. Unfortunatly most of these feature are not yet available in South African dishwashers,

Hopefully soon.

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