28 November 2010

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth-Oven Element Replacement

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth-
Oven Element Replacement

Holidays are the time when Stove Ovens get used the most and it is also the time when people realize that their ovens are not functioning properly. One disaster could put a ding in your baking-confidence and most of the time it is not even the Bakers fault but rather the Oven Element that is faulty.

Before baking follow these steps
1. Set Oven temperature to 180 degrees or your desired temperature. Make sure the indicator lamp goes of off when Oven has reached baking-temperature.
2. Use an Oven thermometer that indicates the oven-cabinet temperature. You can order one here or just send me a e-mail.
3. Before baking expensive mixes like a Xmas Fruit Cake rather bake drop scones, which is a cheaper mixed (just in case).

Diagnosing a Faulty Oven
1. Indicator Lamp not going off
2. Oven stays cold inside
3. Top element is Hot but Bottom element remains Cold. (In most stove oven the top element only comes on in the beginning stages of the baking process-just to get oven quicker to desired temperature.)
4. Oven Fan is blowing but no heat.

5. Look for visual signs of blowing or burning

Oven Element Replacement Procedure
For the purpose illustration we are going to use a Defy Gemini Eye Level Oven built into a cupboard.

1. The Elements are located inside the oven but you have to take off the back-cover plate of the oven to remove and replace it.
2. Open oven door and unscrew the holding screw (normally on the sides, screwed into wood cupboard)
3. Turn any switch on (example oven-light)
4. Then turn the Main Circuit Breaker off (at wall). The oven light should also be off now - indicating that there is no electricity present in the unit.
5. Pull the oven forward
6. Lift unit out of cupboard and onto support (three bar stools). Ovens are normally not heavy but they are acquired (big) to handle, therefore I suggest you get Hubbie (during commercial break) to give you a hand.

7. Unscrew back cover plate (normally 4 to 6 screws) and remove
8. With the back part off and you can see where the wires connect with elements and sometimes you are lucky and the element wire has just burned off. Just fit a new terminal lugg, otherwise….
9. Switch Main-Breaker back-on again (Oven light must come on and turn oven to bake)
a. If you have a Multitester test to see if current (220Volt or 110V) is present at the element terminal.
b. If power is present at the element terminal and the element remains cold – then element is faulty

Remove Element
1. Unscrew the terminal wires but make Sure the Main Power Breaker is switched off again!
2. Unscrew the 2 screws that hold the element in-place on the inside oven.

3. Just pull out

Insert new element
Just complete process from 1 to 9 in reverse.
Ovens differ because of brand names or models but the basics stay the same. Some have round elements with a fan, while other has the fan fitted on top of the oven cabin while most don’t have any fans just elements.

Now if only I can get some baking lessons

Enjoy repairing your unit.

Pine Pienaar Info

PS: Looking forward to seeing you at High Point and remember feel free to ask me before you call someone.

PS: Over-eating could lead to Diabetes, see the signs at Diabetes Signs Symptoms.com