16 June 2011

Refrigerator not Cooling -

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Refrigerator not cooling

The invention of the defrost cycle has lead to the now very popular Frost Free Refrigerator. The new generation refrigerator is suppose to leave you free from defrosting your freezer every other month.

"That is how it is suppose to work in the perfect world"

Airflow is crucial for your fridge/freezer to function optimally

All cold air is generated in Freezer compartment. The cold-air are then forced into the fridge compartment threw small ducting (tubes) with a Fan - called Evaporator Fan.

The most common reason for the unit to stop cooling is when the Freezer section is freezing-up. It happens threw the collection of moister that accumulates on frosting plates inside freezer. The more moist air allowed to entering freezer area, the more frost (ice) would accumulate.

With a manual chest or upright freezer you know you have to manually defrost the unit yourself, once there is too much ice build up inside the freezer. With the Airflow type Refrigerator you expect that it should function correctly and defrost it-self.

Unfortunate in a normal household things happen.
1. Somebody forgets to close the door properly and the unit collects too much moister in the airflow channels - Causing it to freeze up.
2. The door gaskets are not cleaned regularly then stop keeping cold inside compartment..

Warning Signs

• Refrigerator units like Defy, Samung and Whirlpool has a small orange light (led) flashing
• The ice or goods on the top shelve in the Freezer cabinet starts to defrost.
• Suspicions odors inside fridge section
• Milk is the first to go off.

When it comes to storing food for long periods your box-type freezer is still the best because when a upright Freezer gets open cold air falls out. When this happens a gush of hot air fills the unit making the temperature fluctuate.  Some foods cannot be stored for long period of time in these upright Frost Free units due to the short rise and fluctuation in temperature - when the heater-elements come on in the defrosting cycle.

The 3 main components in the defrosting system

1. Thermostat or Electronic sensor – it regulates the temperature
2. Heater – generates thermo energy to defrost evaporator
3. Timer or Electronic printed circuit Board – keeps track of the cycles

Possible Fix

Check if there is an ice-build up between the bottom freezer shelf and the 3 shelve. (Inside the unit at the back plate) If there are an ice build up switch the unit off and let it defrost (manually). When defrosted – turn refrigerator back on again.

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