31 March 2020

Compressors and power-surges

Day 5 of quarenteen lockdown and your freezer is loaded. Imagine the feeling when you discover that the icecream is busy going soft. 
Fortunately we could help by replacing the damaged Compressor with a good second.  

Desperate times call for Desperate measures 

30 March 2020

Refrigerator Condensed fan

Day 3 quarenteen  lockdown 
Things happen - appliances go on the blink

Most modern day refrigerator are so called frost-free unit. 
The words "frost-free is not entirely accurate to describe the new refrigerator units. 

The new refrigerator still make ice but it's hidden away so one cannot see the actual ice (frost).

You might ask;
 "I the ice part is hidden away somewhere in cabinet of the refrigerator - how does it manage to cool everything thing in the refrigerator"
Good question!

Air movement 
Air then gets sucked through the condenser unit (ice-bank) little canals. The cold air is then blown out at the top section of the fridge threw little vents. And because cold air is heavier than hot air it drops down to the bottom of the refrigerator again. 
This whole air-movement cycle is made possible by one little fan-motor.

Just another example of how the little guy makes the difference.

Should you need some advice with regards to your appliances feel free to send me a email.


PS. Fortunately I had a condenser fan instock and was able to Assist Mark.