23 July 2014

Stove Ovens

Stove Ovens - Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth
Each stove oven differ from Model to model but at the end of the day they more or less work on the same principals. They also have the same components in them to do cooking. All Ovens has the following working parts; an energy source (element or magnetron), energy regulator (thermostats), Selector controls and an oven chamber.  

The different electrical ovens;

1.  The Radiant oven (traditional oven)
2.  The convection oven
3.  Microwave oven

Radiant oven
The traditional oven is called a radiant oven and it has two elements, one for bake and one for grilling. A thermostat then controls the oven temperature by switching the elements on and off.
The more expensive model has three elements and a separate selector switch for the various oven control setting. The third element is there just to heat the oven to a preheat setting and once the oven has reach the preheat setting it does not come on again during the cooking process.

Convection Oven
Apart from the normal elements the convection oven also has a heating element at the back of the chamber with a fan that blows the hot air into the cavity and then sucks it back again. This constant air movement elements cold and hot spots in the oven camber, making it possible to cook on all the shelves and achieve the same results on all the shelves.
Food gets cook 25% faster in a convection oven saving you money on electricity usage, 

Microwave Oven
The ultra modern oven has a magnetron build into it making it possible to do microwave cooking will baking something inside it. This oven is very similar to the traditional convectional microwave oven except that this oven is bigger and it has a bake element.

In the next post I will cover more about the elements and thermostats

Happy cooking

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