04 May 2014

Microwave oven waveguide cover

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Microwave oven waveguide cover are the biggest reason why microwave ovens fail, to be more specifically why microwave magnetron's fail - and this failure is preventable.

Most people don't even know their microwave oven has a waveguide cover, which should be replaced regular.

What is a Microwave oven waveguide cover

Microwave waveguide cover is made out a `dielectric` material like Mica (or plastic) and it's sole purpose is to protect the magnetron Antenna from foodsplater and other foreign objects entering the wave cavity. (a microwave is a radio on steroids  creating radio waves (no ionising radiation) that agitate molecules.

The Microwave wave cavity is situated  behind the controls on the right hand side or at the top inside the Microwave Oven.

 Ways to know when your waveguide needs replacing

The most frequent indication is when an electric storm happens inside the microwave - (arcing)
It gets even more spectacular when the wave cover starts to burn inside the microwave.
When mica (wave cover) becomes darker
Dark dots and spots appear on Waveguide
Waveguide cover is soft and soggy 

Replacing the Wave guide cover

Normally there is a screw or a grommet keeping the mica in place. just unscrew, then lift the mica by inserting a knife between mica and Microwave casing

Clean wave-cavity with soft dishwashing liquid but be very careful not to mess water on the Magnetron antenna. Insert new mica - Voila!

Where to get Mica

You can buy a small piece of Mica from most reputable microwave repairs shop. if you take your old  mica templet with they will even cut it for you at a little extra fee.

Just a word of caution never try to substitute the mica with cardboard, it gets wet from the the steam - THEN. . . . .

> using Plastic or duck tape will burn after a while



Ps; We replace waveguide covers all the time in our all appliance repair workshop when we do microwave oven services - If you don't come right you can always drop me line and I will gladly send some of the  "magic material" to you. (mica comes in different sizes)