28 July 2020

Refrigerator and freezer repairs in Port Elizabeth

Spring is the air and refrigerators are starting to smell. 

This is also the time when most do people their spring cleaning, by removing the excessive ice (lumps/builtup) and small food particles that has been growing in the refrigerator. 

The above mentioned are all problems that happen during winter and because it was cold on the outside we didn't pick it up that the refrigerator hasn't been performing at its optimal level. (Which is between 4 and 8 degrees)

This brings me to the reason for this post is to help you make better informed decisions and choices about your cooling unit before you call a service provider. 

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 I would like you to mainly look closely at the pictures to see the overall condition of a refrigerator refrigerant tubing.

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  1. Chest Freezer tubing exposed 


4. Conspiracy theories 


The last link should be read with a pinch of salt.

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28 May 2020

Dishwasher prewash

You need the dirt to get the good active.

According to the wall street journal "enzymes in Cascade detergent are designed to attach themselves to food particles. 

Without food, the enzymes have nothing to latch on to. 

So, basically, detergents won't know they need to clean if there isn't enough grime to tell them".

The rule of thumb is that one should scrap off all excess food from your plates before loading it into your dishwasher but don't actually clean the dishes before stacking them into the dishwasher because this will just create the opposite effect of having clean hygienic dishes. 

The above theory is certainly food for thought, I would love to hear from you what are your thoughts and experiences. 

Happy cleaning 


20 May 2020

Fuchsware refrigerator restoration

How awesome was this to work on this vintage Fuchsware refrigerator, it took me back to the early days when appliances were built to last and manufacturers still had pride in their products. 

Carl Julius Fuchs was born in 1904 and at the age of 14 he started his career as Plumber artisan. During the recession he was trained employed by Hoffman brothers in Johannesburg 

CJ Fuchs first workshop was in 149 Marshall street in Johannesburg. The workshop was an old stable that has been converted into a shed. The business was called CJ Fuchs-Reistered Plumber  & Sheet Metal Specialist. 
They mainly focus on spray painting and plate-marking. During World war 2 the also manufactured components for the military.

In 1948 Fuchs ventured in domestic appliances production under the License of Westing House Electric International an American company.

The business was then relocated to Alrode road in Alberton. The new line of Appliances that was produced in this factory was called "Fuchsware" Appliances. 
They produced Fuchware appliances like Electric Stove's,
Electric Refrigerators,
Circuit breakers
Stainless steel ware
Later on they produced electronic systems and colour television's. 

In 1972 Carl Fuchs passed away and the company was sold to 

Barlow Rand 1976 and that's where the story ends. 

Years later I now had the opportunity (thanks Ilze) to work where the old masters work. 

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31 March 2020

Compressors and power-surges

Day 5 of quarenteen lockdown and your freezer is loaded. Imagine the feeling when you discover that the icecream is busy going soft. 
Fortunately we could help by replacing the damaged Compressor with a good second.  

Desperate times call for Desperate measures 

30 March 2020

Refrigerator Condensed fan

Day 3 quarenteen  lockdown 
Things happen - appliances go on the blink

Most modern day refrigerator are so called frost-free unit. 
The words "frost-free is not entirely accurate to describe the new refrigerator units. 

The new refrigerator still make ice but it's hidden away so one cannot see the actual ice (frost).

You might ask;
 "I the ice part is hidden away somewhere in cabinet of the refrigerator - how does it manage to cool everything thing in the refrigerator"
Good question!

Air movement 
Air then gets sucked through the condenser unit (ice-bank) little canals. The cold air is then blown out at the top section of the fridge threw little vents. And because cold air is heavier than hot air it drops down to the bottom of the refrigerator again. 
This whole air-movement cycle is made possible by one little fan-motor.

Just another example of how the little guy makes the difference.

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PS. Fortunately I had a condenser fan instock and was able to Assist Mark.

10 February 2020

Power fluctuations and surges in Ovens

Oven Repairs

The constant load-shedding we are experiencing here in Port Elizabeth is having a havoc effect on all domestic appliances. 
Above picture show  the results of a power surge

As a rule the electronic control module is the first to go on the blink with our constant power fluctuation but in this case it was the selector-switch.

Oven Selector switch 

 The function of the oven selector switch is to allow the Baker a opportunity to select which style he is going to perform his magic.

Most oven selector switches have at least 3 settings 
Bake setting which is used to bake cakes 

* Grill setting used to grill meat or to give your pastry that crunchy finish. 

Bake and Grill setting is mainly used to speed up the heat process of the oven for baking. Once the oven has reached the desired temperature the baker would turn the selector back to baking only. 

In another post I will tell you more about the bigger selector switches which has more function controls for the thermo-fan and thermo-element.

Should you need more info about selector switches feel free to send me a email 

Have fun with your oven creation.