Refrigerators Fail by Design

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Defy F640 refrigerator rusted gas tubes
New Refrigerators almost give the impression that their mechanical flaw's was done by design. Refrigerator appear super modern with their stainless steel or pastel finishes, the digital and led's lights make one as if feel you have arrived. But sadly most refrigerator manufactures has actually gone backwards in the way their cooling system are build.

Galvanise Tubing

Galvanising is most probably one the best ways to protect steel from the elements. Unfortunately galvanising is not a permanent solution to protecting gas tubes in a refrigerator against rust. Yet most fridge manufacturers choose to use it in the refrigerator manufacturing process.

Manufactures like Defy appliances and Samsung actually build their refrigerators in such a way that the fridge galvanised gas tubes will come into contact with water in some stage of the cooling process. 

Refrigerator rusted gas tubes
As you can see from above picture the manufacture cover the new galvanised gas tubes with black plastic in the hope to delay the deterioration of the rust-effect on the steel tubes. By covering the gas-tubes with plastic it is suppose to prevents water/moisture from coming into contact with the metal moisture.

Unfortunately this coverup is only a short term solution because the plastic cannot handle the temperature variation from the refrigerator gas and starts developing hairline cracks. When moisture enter into these cracks it becomes an ideal area for water and oxygen to do their thing. The plastic prevents the water from evaporating again and also there are sufficient oxygen to start the oxidation process.

Most of the time these defects are so well covered up that the average consumer never realize that they are actually buying bad designed fridges.  The big side-by-side are the worst because most of them has their gas tubes running into the drip-tray to help with water evaporation.

Suggestion; If you are going to purchase a new refrigerator ask the salesman if the refrigerator gas tubes are running into the drip-tray and if it does just walk way.

I hope this has given you some perspective on why Refrigerator fail by Design.