27 July 2018

Ghd styler Vs power Generator

GHD Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Ghd resistors blown

Getting power from a power generator for your Ghd Straightener is never a good idea. I know some ladies want to style their hair even in the Bush or while they are out in the rural area.

It's Ok to use your styler if the power is been filtered through a Pure Sine wave Inverter but tapping directly from the Generator is bad idea. The power fluctuation is just to much for these little Pc Boards.

Ghd electronics are state of the Art!

Most people tend to forget that they are actually holding a very sensitive device in their hand and the unit should be treated with great care.

So next time when you go ruffing it up rather take a cheap battery styler or take your own inverter unit.

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26 July 2018


Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Inverter Repairs

Inverters are the future!

O.K! come back this is not another boring post about something you are never going to use. Inverter's are here to stay and it is going to become a part of every household.

Over the year our National power supplier has work hard to building themselves a reputation as a total unreliable service provider. The municipalities are ripping their paying clients on their power bills to makeup for their inefficiencies.

Oops! You're still here, thanks for sticking around. I just had to get that out my system.
It not only that power suppliers has become totally unreliable but fossil fuel and the damage it does to our environment, has made it a matter of urgency to find an alternative power suppliers.

Why would you ever need a power inverter?

If you’re not a active outdoor camper you might be needing a inverter to watch you favorite soapy on televisions when the power is down. Sick people need inverter's to run their medical equipment in case of a power outage.

Up to this stage the authorities has try everything to discourage people from generating their power. With the anti fossil fuel movement that is growing daily, the world has started to looking  for alternative power source.

Some of the main alternative energy source area;
  • Sun - solar energy threw the use of solar panels converting the sun's heat to electricity
  • Water - perpetual motion is becoming big to harness the oceans waves. Water-turbines has already been in use for many years.
  • Wind - Wind power are very unpredictable and unreliable but if one use it with solar energy if becomes more reliable.

Power inverter is an electronic device that changes direct current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC)
  • Alternating Current (AC) - is electricity that reverse all the time (alternating), it is supplied through a national grid to home and businesses. Appliances like washing machines, microwaves and stoves run on alternating current. Most AC power is supplied in pure sine wave (I will tell you more about sine wave shortly)
  • Direct Current (DC) - is a electric current that flows in one direction. Used in portable appliances like laptops, radios, cameras and touches. The main source of DC power is batteries.
  • Sine Waves - Power has a frequency that can be seen and measure on a oscillator that looks a wave. Human ears can hear pure sine waves. Sine waves just looking at the way they interact with other Waves (devices).
A Modified sinewave is square and tend to cause interferences on other devices.
Your can read more about sine waves here.  

The main takeaway is to remember that if the electric current is not  pure it will cause disturbances on your radio, television and cell phone.

Inverter's have either a modified sine wave (square wave) or pure sine wave output. Now that you know more about the workings and uses of a inverter, I will tell you more where the inverter fits into the alternative power system.

  1. Power Generator Source; - Solar panels, wind and water turbine
  2. Voltage Regulator; - This unit is to regulate the power flow to the batteries
  3. Batteries; - 12 Volt or 24 V DC power
  4. Inverter; - Changes 12 Volt power to 220 Volt

  • Modified sine wave (step square) inverter's has limitations compared to a pure sine wave inverter that can run any type of equipment from oxygen concentrators to variable speed control power tools. are smooth actually very fascinating and one can learn so much from them .

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09 July 2018

Damaged Speed Queen toploader washer Transmission output shaft

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Close up of a Speed Queen washer damaged transmission output shaft 

The above picture shows two transmission (gearbox) of the same aged and same model toploader washers. Water has leaked in the gearbox and the result was that the transmission oil was misplaced. The one on the left is the shaft that worked without oil.

Just shows you one should never underestimate the important of having your washing machine serviced.

What! . . .

Yes! you must have your washing machine serviced reguarly.

2 Transmission output shaft
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