25 September 2018


Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa


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What is voltage and why does it affect my appliances, is questions I get asked regularly

Putting the answer in layman’s terms - Voltage is Energy and the voltage number is the amount
supplied from a energy source.

Simple! - Not! This is where things get interesting. The energy amount supplied is not necessary the
amount that is going to reach the end.

Voltage flow is called Current

To get the energy(voltage) from here to there is called current flow and normally the best means is done
through copper conductors(wire or printed circuitry on a pc board).

Disturbance in a current flow is called Resistance

The negative part about these current flows is that every disturbance in  the flow will cause a
resistance (voltage drops);

  • The further the current flow the more the voltage drop
  • Switches and circuit breakers causes voltage drops
  • Joints will cause a voltage drop

Now we get to the other potential problem;

Voltage resistance causes a Heat build-up  

There is mathematical ways one can work out these resistances and drops in advange but I not going
to risk boring or losing you, it is better if you go look it up yourself the different formulas.
Just take my word on this one, the bigger the energy lost the bigger is the bigger is the heat buildup.

Now that we have the above out of the way we are getting to the reason for this post!

Common reasons why Appliances fail

  • Dust and fluff
    • Blocking ventilation holes preventing circulation
  • Fluff around a motor will make the operating temperature go higher and all most small
motors need is  between 3 to 5 degree temperature rise to burnout

  • Bad connection
    • Any connection is also a disturbance in the current flow and a potential heat build-up area.
    • Heat (current) makes metal expand and contract when cools down.. Over a period of time
connection wear loose and then it really starts heating up, till eventually something burns


Have you appliances serviced regularly periods by a reputable service provider. Ask them if they do
down to earth test

Should you need more - feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email.