16 September 2018

Single Induction Cooker

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Single Induction Cooker

Exposed Induction Cooker 

The single induction cooker  saves up to 50% on electricity and is much faster  than any traditional methods.

While single induction cookers has many features the one that impressed me is that they are compatible with inverters and generators. Which means while you are out bun-du-bashing you can use the cooker connecting it to your vehicles battery via a inverter. This makes for a quick and easy cooking.

Induction cooker Control Module
How induction heating works

Induction heating method is very similar to the principles used in a microwave oven - Joule heating;- currents react with the intrinsic resistance of the medium


Putting it simpler - It is a phenomenon that involves AC currents with two metallic circuits not in direct contact with each other, will exchange energy by varying magnetic fields. 
 High frequency coupling transfer energy to a medium that causes resistance will cause heat. 

The normal electric current frequency from the mains to any appliance is 50Hz, which is too low to produce any heating results. The only method one can produce a high enough frequency is through an oscillator.

Sadly like most electronic equipment they all fail at some point but not to worry that why you know me.

That reminds me another safety features that impressed me was the dry pot and high/low voltage protection.

Induction cooker main parts

Heads Up

  • Ordinary aluminium pots and pans don't work on induction cooker - True 
  • Only expensive cooking equipment works with induction cooker -  Not True 
A Simple test to find out if your cooking pot or pan are compatible with a induction cooker. 

All you need is a small magnate. 
If the magnate sticks to the bottom of the pot, it can be used on a induction cooker. SIMPLE! 

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Happy Cooking