15 October 2018

Another gemini thermo fan oven bits the dust

Oven repairs in Port Elizabeth

Actually that is wrong the Defy Gemini multifunction thermo fan oven did not bite the dust but rather it bit white powder.

The Defy GTF oven is one of the best Domestic oven ever build - With a little practice Everyday-Joe can produce the same tasty roast just like the Masterchefs do it.

Defy Masterchef Multifunction Thermo Fan
White powder everywhere! This is how it looks when the bake element explodes, fortunately the powder is harmful and you don't have to dump your Roast. Read more about the powder here . . . .

Unfortunately like all things they need special attention at some stage but that why you know me. Should you heed more advice or leave a comment below or send me an email.

Happy Roasting