Whirlpool Toploader Washing machine

Apart from the old Hitachi toploader washing machines Whirlpool are the best domestic toploader washing machine on the mark. (I'm not getting paid for saying this). The only thing that is pulling this product down is their poor aftermarket and part service

The greatest advantage of the whirlpool toploader is that there aren't many parts to service. In fact the only part that has to be replace regularly is the rubber coupler between the gearbox and motor.
Bottom view of Whirlpool washing machine gearbox and motor
Clients ask me all the time when they should service their Whirlpool toploader washing machine and their is no specific time frame but I recommend every 5 years. If you do big laundry loads (eg blankets) regularly then you should replace the couplers more often. 

The bad thing about a worn-out coupler is that sometimes when it goes on the blink it does warn you and by the time you realize something is not right, the motor has over heated. Replace the main motor you are talking big money.  

Symptoms of a worn-out Coupler

Fortunately there are little tell tale signs that warn you that things are not right in the washing machine. 
  • The washing machine agitator starts getting slower while its washing
  • Grinding noise while washing machine working especially during the spin-cycle
  • Laundry drains but the machine doesn't spin.
 I hope this post has added some insight to your day. Feel free to contact me if you should need more information.

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