11 January 2018

Samsung washing Machine error code 1C , 1E and E7

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In this post we will cover the meaning of 1C, 1E,  and E7 error codes on Samsung washing machine display.

1C, 1E and E7 means the same thing - that there is some thing wrong with the water level.

  • C1 was for washing machines that was made after 2014
  • E1 machines made before 2014 
  • E7 is a very old code, not necessary an old machine just a old error code
Always write the Code down before you do anything - so that you won't forget it for later refer if someone asks.

Possible Causes

  • Too much soap power causes over foaming - the pressure switch cannot read the foam as it has no force.
  • Laundry was added after/while water was entering the washing machine drum
  • Dirt partials has block the pressure switch sensor tub
  • One of the solenoid inlet valves is faulty
  • Pressure switch is faulty
Most of these causes can be avoided if you just clean the washing machine regularly. If you want to know how to clean your washing machines inner-drum yourself just go to this previous post http://highpointappliances.blogspot.co.za/2015/10/washing-machine-inner-drum-cleaning.html 

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