25 January 2018

LG dishwasher E1 error Code

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Lg Dishwasher E1 error code

New appliances diagnose themselves and they will inform the appliance-operator when they are not feeling well. Most of the time the codes that is displayed by an appliance aren't error codes, it is more a communication code. I am sure in the near future we will have our appliances actually telling us what they want or need.

The Lg dishwasher displays a E1 code when there is a problem with the pump motors. It could be the main-pump-motor or it could be the drain-pump-motor.

Dishwasher main circulation pump motor

The circulation-pump mostly fails over a period of time. What happens is the seal between electric motor and pump damages. Water from the pump starts leaking onto the motors bearings causing it to rust. Slowly as the bearings deteriorate the Dishwasher becomes more noisier when it's on the wash cycle.

On rare occasions a piece of broken cutlery or bone would get stuck in the motors impeller but like I say very rarely because all dishwashers has got a filter that catches the debris. 

Dishwasher Drain pump motor

Most of the time a Drain-pump don't warn you of their intentions to fail. They just stop draining the water and this normally happens when you have a full dinner setting.

Some drain-pumps just have more etiquette than other because they actually talk to you. For most people who do not understand appliance-lingo it sounds like noise when the dishwasher pump-out its grey-water.

Now you know the reason for the E1 code and you also know that when your LG Dishwasher becomes noisier it is actually a cry for attention.

Should you have any question I will see you on the otherside