02 February 2018

Defy Appliances huge price hike

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Companies increase their revenue by increasing the prices of their products. This is normal practice when its done in marker related terms

In Defy's case they are taking a full swing at the little guy

Defy has removed all trade-discounts from their parts without any prior warning or intention acknowledgements. They just said all discounts has been removed tor the small operators but if your are Big they will give you discount.

Its really sad to experience it firsthand that market leader like Defy Appliances can do this to the small people that has support and help build their brand (just to balance their books for the share holders)

In the current economical crisis South Africa is experiencing,  it thats a lot of something to burn bridges or in their case the lack of leadership-brains.

See you on the otherside