Inverter repair

Inverter Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Since stage 4 Load shedding has been introduced my workbench has been piling up with broken inverters and the reason for these breakages could all have been avoided
Inverter dismantled for repairs
Low voltage batteries 

Low voltage battery is the single biggest reason why these Inverters failed.

A low voltage battery will cause a higher current flow through the inverter!

Now isn't this an a-ha moment!

Let me say this again " a low voltage battery will cause a higher current to flow through the inverter! And most electronic components cannot handle the higher current.

Another a-ha piece for you to digest!

Battery charger in an inverter cannot quick-charge

What this basically means if the power from the grid is off for 4 hours and back on again for a short time before it goes off again the inverter charger cannot get the battery up to its optimal performance level. 
It also takes more to charge Gel batteries when its voltage is down. You basically need a separate quick charging battery-charger. 

The last heads-up I want to run past you is 

Fitt a voltage meter on the inverter battery

Better still fit an electronic voltage meter with an alarm. There are a couple suppliers that manufacture them but like everything here in Port Elizabeth it has to be ordered.  (if you can't find them - go to Ann she can get you anything)

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Current Kills

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Electrical current flow from an energy source to energize appliance. By putting your body in the path of the current flow it will divert some of the electrical currents to the human body.

The human body has a resistance of 500 to 1000 ohms that will limit the current flow


1 Volt = 2 Ma to flow
220 Volt = 440 ma

Basically, I am trying to tell you not to work with your appliances once it's switched on and always wear shoes.

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Refrigerator Door Gaskets for FREE

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

We are busy cleaning our appliance parts storeroom and I have found a bunch of Fridge gaskets (Door seals) that were made for customers who never came to collect them. Instead of just dumping the door seals you are welcome to the fridge seals for FREE.

Refrigerator Door Gaskets
NoSize in MillimeterType
1755 x 600White - Clipon
2440 x 675"
3805 x 555"
4830 x 555"
51050 x 565"
61190 x 675"
7760 x 600"
8750 x 600"
9905 x 500"
10525 x 520"
111035 x 520"
121120 x 525Grey
13440 x 330Oven clipon