13 December 2010

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth - Cryostat

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth - Cryostat

Cryostat is used for rapid Freezing and manual Sectioning of tissue specimens

28 November 2010

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth-Oven Element Replacement

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth-
Oven Element Replacement

Holidays are the time when Stove Ovens get used the most and it is also the time when people realize that their ovens are not functioning properly. One disaster could put a ding in your baking-confidence and most of the time it is not even the Bakers fault but rather the Oven Element that is faulty.

Before baking follow these steps
1. Set Oven temperature to 180 degrees or your desired temperature. Make sure the indicator lamp goes of off when Oven has reached baking-temperature.
2. Use an Oven thermometer that indicates the oven-cabinet temperature. You can order one here or just send me a e-mail.
3. Before baking expensive mixes like a Xmas Fruit Cake rather bake drop scones, which is a cheaper mixed (just in case).

Diagnosing a Faulty Oven
1. Indicator Lamp not going off
2. Oven stays cold inside
3. Top element is Hot but Bottom element remains Cold. (In most stove oven the top element only comes on in the beginning stages of the baking process-just to get oven quicker to desired temperature.)
4. Oven Fan is blowing but no heat.

5. Look for visual signs of blowing or burning

Oven Element Replacement Procedure
For the purpose illustration we are going to use a Defy Gemini Eye Level Oven built into a cupboard.

1. The Elements are located inside the oven but you have to take off the back-cover plate of the oven to remove and replace it.
2. Open oven door and unscrew the holding screw (normally on the sides, screwed into wood cupboard)
3. Turn any switch on (example oven-light)
4. Then turn the Main Circuit Breaker off (at wall). The oven light should also be off now - indicating that there is no electricity present in the unit.
5. Pull the oven forward
6. Lift unit out of cupboard and onto support (three bar stools). Ovens are normally not heavy but they are acquired (big) to handle, therefore I suggest you get Hubbie (during commercial break) to give you a hand.

7. Unscrew back cover plate (normally 4 to 6 screws) and remove
8. With the back part off and you can see where the wires connect with elements and sometimes you are lucky and the element wire has just burned off. Just fit a new terminal lugg, otherwise….
9. Switch Main-Breaker back-on again (Oven light must come on and turn oven to bake)
a. If you have a Multitester test to see if current (220Volt or 110V) is present at the element terminal.
b. If power is present at the element terminal and the element remains cold – then element is faulty

Remove Element
1. Unscrew the terminal wires but make Sure the Main Power Breaker is switched off again!
2. Unscrew the 2 screws that hold the element in-place on the inside oven.

3. Just pull out

Insert new element
Just complete process from 1 to 9 in reverse.
Ovens differ because of brand names or models but the basics stay the same. Some have round elements with a fan, while other has the fan fitted on top of the oven cabin while most don’t have any fans just elements.

Now if only I can get some baking lessons

Enjoy repairing your unit.

Pine Pienaar Info

PS: Looking forward to seeing you at High Point and remember feel free to ask me before you call someone.

PS: Over-eating could lead to Diabetes, see the signs at Diabetes Signs Symptoms.com

25 May 2010

Gas or Electric Braai

One of the best smells around is that of a “Free State thorn Tree” wood fire, burning for an early morning braai (breakfast). In the old Transvaal a wood fire flames seems to be going meters into the air.

Socializing around these fires with friends and family normally turns into an event.
Staying at the coast is great but we just don’t have the wood quality and flames that the inlanders have. Barbequing at the coast brings a whole set of new challenges and rules.

When I moved to the coast I thought it strange that about every second house has an indoor braai area. I still remembering thinking to my self, “What a lot of Wimps”
But you learn very quickly! Because the weather changes very quickly here and before you can do anything the rain has sorted out the fire. If the wind starts to blow, the fire and coals will disappear in front of your eyes. (Some guys actually like it when this happens, because it gives them extra socializing time - while starting a new fire.)

Lately I have been to a couple of braais where there has been no wood involved. The hosts has eider used gas or electricity. Must say in the beginning I was completely anti this practice (old school). After seeing the advantages, I have now started to look at these gadgets.

Hitting the stores has really made me even more confused because there are so many models and types in the stores. (some of them nearly cost the same as a small car) You can choose from the various styles and designs and choose the type which will best suit your area or even match with tiles.
• There is even a light inside which you can switch to see the status of your meal
• You can even have it installed in the kitchen inside your home. They do not take up any floor space and look classy and modern at the same time.
• You can cook small or large meals for the entire family on gas/electric grills as it is very versatile. There is even a clock and timer which you can adjust accordingly.
• There are touch pads where you can control the temperature. When you go shopping for them then you will see that you will have many options to choose from.
• Some have build in countertop so you can place hot meals there.

Susan said electricity is best and Kallies point that you can braai with gas when there is no power also has value.

“What to Do”?

Ps. Any advice would be appreciated and in the meantime I am still using the old wood fire

10 April 2010

Refrigerator Overload

Refrigerator Overload

If you live in a country / area that has an unreliable power supply or has frequent power interruption please, please save yourself some money and do the following

When ever there is a power outage switch of your refrigerator or even better unplug it. Wait a couple of minutes before switch the fridge on again after the power supply has been restored

If the fridge stops working during this period and the inside cabin lamp still comes on, Please don’t panic. In most cases it is only you overload that has gone on the blink.

Two different kinds of overloads in photo

Overloads are inexpensive +-R16.00 (2 Dollars) and easy to replace. Before calling a professional first do a test and change it yourself.

If more information is needed contact me.


07 March 2010

Fridge Freezing

Refrigerators – Beer and tomato’s freezing

I went around to my friend Chris over the weekend and he insisted I must have a beer. Must say there was no need for him to insist - I would have had a beer anyway without him insisting.
When we opened the beer, out pops a piece of ice like a Popsicle – the beer was frozen or it wasn't until it condensate with the outside temperatures and that was just what Hailey (wife) needed to remind Chris that she has been saying for weeks now that her veggies are turning black or gets frozen in the bottom drawers of the fridge.

The first idea that spring to mind is that the thermostat is "on the blink" because the fridge is getting too cold and that will be the obvious part to replace.
Inside fridge; condenser plate and thermostat housing
Chris suggested that I "help him" replace the thermostat inside the refrigerator. Now I wondering, is this a planned move from him to get me to look at the fridge because if you see my size, you will know - only ME will fit in front of the fridge to replace the new thermostat.

Hailey was very quick to make us coffee (and boy she knows how to make coffee) while I install my thermo-meter;- so that we can see and monitor the temperature of the evaporator plate in side fridge. (The evaporator plate is the metal sheet inside - at the back of the fridge where the ice/cold gets formed)

While sitting there waiting for the fridge to do its stuff and cool down. Me and Chris got chatting and I explaining to Chris that there are always signs symptoms and things he must always be on the look out for.

General Notes about refrigeration

1. Refrigerator thermostat does not work like a water tap;
Fridge thermostat
1.1. A general perception is; - if you turn it up (numbers on knob),  you increase the gas flow - Not so!
When there are no ice on Fridge's condenser plate turning the setting know won't increase the flow of more refrigerant. 
1.2. By increasing the number on your refrigerator you are only increasing the TIME the compressor should run.

2. If the refrigerator doesn’t circulate the refrigerant (gas) correctly or if it is in need of gas it will not get colder.
2.1. Two door thermostat operates between +2 degrees and – 8 degrees
2.2. If fridge only goes down to -7 degrees, the thermostat cannot switch the compressor off – resulting beers to freeze (tomatoes/lectures gets frostbite and turn black)
2.3. It Takes 6 to 8 hours for absorption fridge to respond to thermostat change setting.
2.4. A normal fridge (compressor type) it takes about 1 to 2 hours to respond.
2.5. The thermostat only operates in the fridge section and not in the freezer, therefore if there is only ice in the freezer section it will result your fridge section and the stuff/milk inside it to “smell”. Switch it off and get a professional to "fill" the refrigerant(gas)

3. at some stages the fridge condenser plate might get colder than the freezer

4. Ice do not make cold (to our/my standards 4-8 degrees)inside fridge section

5. Normally there is a 1 to 2 degree temp difference between top and bottom shelve

6. Number settings on thermostat (inside) mean the following; 1 is hot – 7 is the coldest setting.

7. Fridge refrigerant (gas) is never used up by fridge or get old after a time period. If a fridge needs gas – it has a gas leak.
7.1. Two main types (gas)are used in domestic fridges
7.1.1. 134A Which is a CFC free and ozone friendly
7.1.2. R12 Has CFC in it (busy been fazed out) an alternative gas “drop in” gas is available for the older units.

It turned out that Chris’s fridge thermostat was fine because the fridge was only going down to minus 2 degrees. It just needed a blast of refrigerant (R12) because the leak was so small and it would days to find it.

Needless to say, I got another cup of coffee! and always be aware of diabetics signs symptoms

Till next time