30 January 2011

Refrigerator Door Gasket –Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Refrigerator Door Gasket –Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Refrigerator Door Gaskets becomes brittle overtime and a good sealing Fridge Door Seal is needed for effective cooling and to stop warm air leaking into the refrigerator Cabinet.

Signs of defected door seal;

• Build up of ice along the edges of your Freezer
• Excessive water moister inside the Fridge cabinet
• Smelly food
• Food that go off quicker before expiring date
The door seal keeps the wet (moist) or warm air out of the refrigerator and keep the cold air sealed inside the refrigerator.

Replacing your Fridge door seal can be done by yourself all you need is a couple of point from me

There are three basic types of refrigerator door gaskets/seals;
1. Push on type
2. Clip-on Type
3. Flat-back type
They also come in different profiles and colors (White, Grey, Cream and Brown).

Push On Type Refrigerator Door Gasket

To remove the (tong and groove type) seal start at the top right hand corner. Just lift it out by puling on the old refrigerator seal - slowly pull it out of the channel groove. Then Work your way down the sides and at the end pull it out of the bottom channel.
Start inserting the new gasket at the top corner and work your way over to the other top corner. Then you move down the sides to the bottom corners - slowly push the seal in the channel with your thumb.

Clip-on Type

If you lift the seal-lip away from the inner plastic of the door panel your will see screw underneath the door gasket that holds the Gasket in place.
Look if there is a little bulge along the rim of the plastic, this indicates that your refrigerator uses a clip-on refrigerator Gasket.
Otherwise was if the plastic door panel are just smooth (with screws to hold it in place) it will take a flat-back Door gasket. The flat-back gasket normally gets used on older refrigerator and deep-freezers.
If there are no screws present underneath the door gasket and it looks like the gasket is molded into the door it means the gasket is a push-on-type.

Fitting the Clip-on Type Door Seal

Always start by unscrewing the bottom door panel screws and work you way around the panel to the top. Then when you have removed all the side screw you take unscrew the top screw. The plastic panel and gasket should now be loose from the refrigerator. If the panel is still molded to the door just un-clip the gasket and refit the new gasket.

Flat back Door gasket
The procedure is same as with the clip-on type

General Tips
• When fitting the screws back, put one screw at the top to hold the panel in place.
Start inserting the screws form the bottom working you ways around the sides to the top.
While doing this Do Not tighten the screw - align the door gasket first .
Only once your stand back and see that the new door seal is straight and flush
Then start tightening the screws - again from the bottom up.

• If the new flat-back seal do not have pre-manufactured holes in the gasket - just press the screws into the seal threw into the door holes. By attempting to make holes before fitting the gasket, can really turn into timely exercise.

• If the seal is molded into the door panel and there are no screws present, save yourself and call a professional because it means the seal will have to be cut to fit the new seal.

How to order a new door Gasket

The Clip-on and Flat-back type gasket can be made according to you specifications. Just Measure the gasket from one end to the other and top to bottom (length). You will also need to specify the profile and color.

Order the Tong and Groove-type only from the unit manufacture or their service agents only, because the lip and the groove can be ever so slightly different when you have this made up and a simple procedure will now turn into a night mare - just trust me on this one.

To order from the manufacture or their service agent you will need to provide them with your refrigerator model number and sometimes also the type number. These numbers can be found on the back or on the sides of the fridge. Sometimes it is even situated behind the vegetable draws inside the fridge cabinet.

To preserve the life of a Gasket clean it regularly with a mild soap (Handy Andy- ammonia is to powerful)
Put some Vaseline of Glycerin along the cabinet side where the door hinges are –it will make the door closes smoother.

As always if you run into a snags or you need more pointers just go to High Point for more free advice.

Enjoy your repair project.

Pine Pienaar

17 January 2011

Washing Machine Door Seal Replace - Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Washing Machine Door Seal Replace - Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Watch this video and learn how to replacing the door rubber of a Washing Machine.
Replacing door boot/seal of a washing machine can be done by anyone all you need is a little know-how and patients.

Tools needed:
• Phillips screw driver
• Thin Flat screw driver
• Long nose-pliers

As always if you run into a spot you can ask someone over at High Point.
Now isn’t that nice to know you have someone watching over you.

Happy Repairs

Pine Pienaar Info

11 January 2011

Dirty Smelly Washing Machine – Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Dirty Smelly Washing Machine – Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Dirty and Smelly washing machines are a common problem and if you are an animal lover the problem is even worse.

Washing Machine Drums are built with indentations and holes to get more water and chemical movement. Unfortunately the holes and indentations also make good hiding place for bacteria The smell comes from a bacteria build up inside your Washing Machine and there are a few reasons why this occurs

• Manufactures Fault – unnecessary bends (LG and Maytag was sued for this)
• Over Dosing – Using too much soap or fabric softener
• Using to little Chemicals
• Using Cheap or No Name products
• Overloading or water-level setting too low

There are 4 area’s where Bacteria and Fungus Growth commonly occurs
1. Soap Drawer
2. Door Boot (Rubber)
3. Inside washing Machine Drum
4. And at the Pump/Filter

Soap Drawer or Dosing Cup
- Wipe or washed that area on a regular basis
Door Boot
-Wipe regularly with Bleach - it will remove the black fungus that occurs on the door rubber
-Dry door rubber when finished with washing
-Leave the door/lid open when not in use
Inner Drum
-Overdosing with soap powder or fabric softeners is the most common cause of smell and marks on clothing (always follow manufactures recommendations)
-Cheap and no-name products (house brands)
-Same as above except most new machine have a filter (fluff catcher) and this can be unscrewed and cleaned on a regular basis.

Solutions for smells and spots from drum and pump
-Use a good cleaning agent.
-Full machine like normal without any washing inside it
-Set it on it hottest setting
-Let the machine turn a couple of times so that the chemicals and water can mixed.
-Then switch off
-Fill the machine now manually right up to the rim of the drum (you must get over the normal water level because that is where the black mould and fungus are growing)
-Leave the machine for a weekend or 3 days with that chemical solution inside the washing machine drum
-Set the Washing Machine to the spin cycle and drain all the chemical and water
-It is Very important that the machine must now be set on the longest wash to remove all chemical that is still inside the unit (because if some of that chemical are left behind in the machine - it will stain your clothes)

Cleaning Agents Recomended
- BioCide D. Your friendly chemist will sell you a sachet or two and Exclusive Frozen are also sell it in small quantities
- Bleach. Like Jik or Domestos (Must have Hypochlorite in it) use the whole bottle 750ML at a time
- Afresh Tablets. I haven’t seen it for sometime but might still available in the U.S.
- Salt and Bicarbon of soda

If the above remedies do not solve the smells and stains problem, then the only way would be for us to strip it down and give the inner drum a physical scrub and service.

Grease and oil stains on laundry are an indication your drum seal and bearing are broken and in need of replacement - Together with been noisier when going into the spin cycle.

As always if more information is need just go to our Facebook page and ask because there are people that know.

As always enjoy laundry?

Pine Pienaar

03 January 2011

Appliances Service In Port Elizabeth - Tips

Living a greener way should become a priority to us all - just take note what is happening at the poles and our current weather pattens. By making a few adjustment in our daily living and servicing our own appliances regularly we can start making our carbon foot print a little lighter.

Things will not change over night but at least we can start with these Saving Tips and Ideas in and around the house

Appliances Service In Port Elizabeth

All the air vents was blocked in this Whirlpool Dryer- resulting that this dryer took a very long time to dry the clothes

Tumble Dryers

· Use tumble Dryer only on rainy or cloudy days – try to air dry clothes as much as possible

· Switch your Dryer on only when you have a full load.

· Keep your dryer in a small room or in a place where there is little ventilation (outside air heats up quicker)

· Be on the alert when your dryers starts making unusual sounds – it is normally a indication that it needs new bearing and by servicing your unit it will also use less electricity.

Washing Machines

· Set water levels to half loads – it makes the concentration of the chemicals (washing power) stronger resulting in a cleaner wash. Only when washing woolens should you always stay at recommended settings?

· Wash only when there is a full load

· Sun- dry towels everyday instead of has it every time.

· Use only the cold water setting.

If the owner had this leaking heater element sorted the motor would not have burned-out.

Fridge / Freezer

· Always keep Refrigerator Full - even if you must put some water bottles inside it, once all the “stuff” has reached it temperature it actually helps to maintain the cabinet temperature at a level.

· Pack stuff inside the cabinet so that it forms a” wall” – every-time you open your refrigerator all the cold air falls out.

· Always make sure that the Fridge Gasket is sealing properly and that they are in good condition – so that hot air doesn’t gets into the refrigerator. Replacing a door gasket is not rocket science. Just measure it on the outside, send me the measurements and I will have it made-up.

· Store high usage items (milk) in a cooler box – uses icepack to keep cooler box cold.

· Make sure refrigerator operates between 2 and 8 degrees. If not have thermostat check out


· Only use it when it has a full load

· Use shorter program settings

Stoves and Ovens

· Try to cook several dishes at one time when using your oven

· To reheat rather use Microwave Oven instead of the oven

· Have a small counter top gas burner installed for everyday usage instead of using stove plates.

· Always use correct pot or pan size on plate size.

I am sure you can find some value in these tips, if your have some more advice and tips please share them with us.


Pine Pienaar Info

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