Fridge is Freezing

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth - Fridge is Freezing

When the fridge section of your refrigerator is getting too cold and food starts to freeze inside the fridge compartment It could be two things.

1. The Thermostat has gone on the blink and needs to be replaced.
2. Refrigerant (gas) is getting low and needs a top up

Replacing a thermostat is no problem but regassing or just topping-up the refrigerant has some risks to it. Before going this route please checkout the two following posts.

A. Refrigerator Gassing

B. Signs of Low Refrigerator Gas

It's not that I don't want to regas your refrigerator it's just that I want you guys to be aware of the risks.

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Tumble Dryers is hot but slow to Dry clothes

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Tumble Drier is hot but slow to Dry clothes

When your tumble dryer is heating but takes a long time to dry the clothes. Most of the time it is a sign that your tumble dryer has a ventilation problem but there are also a couple of other things that causes this phenomenon

Possible reasons for not Drying
  • Not sorting your clothing properly before loading into the tumble dryer
  • Blocked filters
  • Broken belt
  • Broken fan
Sorting clothing; Just like when you do washing in a washing Machine and you separated the colors, It is also very important to separate the different material in a tumble dryer (and also colors). Loading heavy cotton (like jeans, towels) and woolen clothing together in the tumble dryer will   cause the woolen article to stretch. Cotton takes much longer to dry and the woolen clothing will get heat burns from been too long in Tumble dryer.

Blocked filters; Blocked fluff filters will cause the tumble dryer to use a lot more electricity than you suppose to. I am sure you know about the fluff filter in the door or in the case of whirlpool it has slide in filter on top. Most people remember to clean this regularly but they forget about the back intake louvers or the outlet channels.

Broken Belt; You will pick this up straight away, the tumble dryer makes the usual noises but the drum does not turn. Tumble driers like Kelvinator, Speed Queen and Whirlpool has safety switches attached to the Drum Belt that will turn of the unit/heater elements. Some of the other makes make use of an overload (clickson) to turn off the heaters. By the time the sensors switch off its already too late and the clothing has been scorch.

Broken Fan; The same motor that turns the inner drum of the tumble dryer has also got a fan-blade fitted on the other end. The purpose of this fan is to cool down the motor and also push air through the heater elements. Once the air has moved over the elements it becomes very hot. The hot-air is then channeled into the tumble drum through the wet clothing and out the “otherside”.

Otherside” is the area where cleaners seldom venture. Under and at the backside of a tumble drier is like the “Darkside of the Moon” for most cleaners. This is also the area where aliens and foreigners hangout (aliens like fluff, paper, socks and Toys)

Most tumble driers has a outlet vent or intake grill at the back of the machine. Tumble driers like Defy have their air intake at the back; Whirlpool again has an outlet vent at the back. It is very common for one of the above mentioned objects to move into or over the back grill causing the tumble driers to work ineffectively.

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