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Refrigerator Re-Gassing - Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Customers in the Eastern Cape ask us everyday to re-gas their fridges and freezers, which we always more than happy to oblige but recharging a refrigerator with refrigerant is one thing - repairing it is another

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 When a refrigerator unit needs gas. it means that the unit has a gas-leak because; 

  • Refrigerant (gas) never gets used up by the refrigerator
  • Refrigerant never gets old (that it needs replacing)
Reasons for gas leaks

The refrigerator-tubing was punched by a sharp objects (like a knife) - it is repairable and also regasable.

When the refrigerator has an outside gas leak - it is also repairable. This condition normally happens when the unit was moved and during the move strain was put on the pipe joints.

Internal leaks are Not repairable.

Internal gas leak

Long - long time ago manufactures weren't only building appliances they were also building reputations. They build appliances to last, using the best materials available ie copper and aluminum.
                          Those days are gone! 

Instead of using more copper and aluminum inside their new refrigerators, manufactures are now using steel tubing that has been galvanised.

HELLO! . . .

Anybody Home? 

Even a mumpara can work this out;- Steel + Ice(moisture) = Rust

Freezing tubes exposed
 As you can see from the picture above, the ice tubes (Galvanised pipes) that cools the inside cabinet is logged between the outer and inside cabinets.The cooling tubes is fitted off centre, more towards the inside cabinet so that it can cool down the inside first.
Removing inside cabinet of freezer that protects freezing tubes

This layout (design) makes it impossible for someone to repair a refrigerator when it has a internal gas leaking. Without cutting the refrigerator cabinet open.
Multiple gas leaks in refrigerator

Most of time when a person re-gas your refrigerator you can actually hear where the leak is and if you then cut it open, you can repair that leak but the damaged (cut) can never be repair to its former glory.

As you can see from the pictures you might repair the actual gas but the rest of the refrigerators tubing are also corroded and will be developing leaks in the near future.

Badly Rusted freezing tubes

The Catch 22 Situation

Without connecting gauges there is just no way of determining before hand  if your refrigerator unit has 
  • a gas leak or 
  • if your compressor is not circulating the gas 
  • Or if the refrigerator unit has a gas blockage
What I am trying to tell you is that most of the time your refrigerator cannot be repaired and by fill your refrigerator with refrigerant You're only buying time - the snake is still there.

I hope this information will help you to make a more informed decision about having your refrigerator re-gassed or not. If you need more information you can catch me at

083 52 52 52 2

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