29 April 2019

Stove energy plate regulator switch

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Regulators and switches go on the blink all the time but sometimes outside factors cause regulators to blow sooner.  Some of the factors that cause damage are lightning and power surges.

If you look closely at the picture two contact points on the right you will see they have melted.

  • These two are also the-negative-inlet contact points. which is an indication that this unit was hit by a lightning /surge. 
  • The third contact (positive) from the right must have been switch-on and henge also the reason for the melted contact.

The fourth contact points are how a normal contact-point looks from everyday wear-and-tear. 

Melted contact points

The amazing thing about the incident was that the element wasn't damaged at all by this surge, only the temperature regulator.

The following signs are indicators that your hob energy regulators must be replaced.

  • The plates and spiral elements don't heat-up hot-hot. They stay lukewarm.
  • Plates don't heat at all
  • Plates heat up to the max even if the switches are set at zero.

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03 April 2019

DEFY Kitchenaire Six Twenty stove

Stove Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

If you notice dust/power lying at the bottom of your oven don't ignore it, it's your electric oven showing you that he needs attention.
DEFY Kitchenaire Six  Twenty stove 

DEFY Kitchenaire Six  Twenty stove

Seeing a powder residue in the oven cabin is a sign that one of the heating-elements has exploded and the oven should not be used again till you had professional appliance tec looked at it.

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