Fridge warm and freezer cold

Refrigerator Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

The refrigerator is no longer cooling the content inside the fridge compartment and the freezer cabinet is freezing but some of its content is getting softer. Do not panic there is an easy solution to your temperature fluctuation problem,


The frost-free refrigerator comes with their own unique set of problems and the most common problem is the fridge starts to warm up and the freezer section ices up - (then no more air circulation)

I've mentioned in a previous post that Frost-free refrigerator still makes frost but the ice is hidden away. This brings me to the other reason for this post is m

In our part of the world (Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape) It is common for refrigerators to over-ice during December, January and February sometimes it even goes into March when the moister in the air higher. In December it's not the weather that causes the problem, its the frozen treats that cause the over-icing. It is holiday time and the freezers are loaded with treats, The freezer door is opened more frequently and every time you do that hot moist air comes cussing in - condensation on the condenser plates. 

Although the condenser sections have heater elements fitted to melt down the ice that forms on the freezer fins, at some stage the condensation is just too much for the elements to handle. Especially if the door was left open for the night.

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