05 November 2017

Bosch electric hand Drill

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Bosch Electric Hand Drill

Bosch makes some of the best power tools at a decent price. There are better brands like Dewalt and Makita hand tools but I assure you your pocket will feel it.
repairs to electric hand tools

The biggest reason why electric hand tools fail is overheating, especially domestic types can only work for short periods of time - work 10 minutes then rest for 10 minutes.

Part time handymen tend to hold the electric tool with their hand around the tool cover the  vents - not good.
Always to use the extra handle supplied with the tool, do not hold the electric machine in your hands because the changes are very good that you are going to "accidentally" block the vent while operating it, causing it overheat.

The two above tips are good but try telling that to my friend Bjorn who is of those high powered executives which likes to get everything done at super fast  speed.

                "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!" - Alice in Wonderland

Asking him he to work slower with his electric hands tools, Is like telling the white rabbit to it easy.
Damaged Bosch Drill carbon brush holder

The above drill overheated and melted the brush holders. Changing the position of the brushers with change the direction of the drill bit rotation. Because it was melted together the operator tried forces the selector(big red plastic) and off cause you know what happened.

I was very fortunate to find "seconds" at the guys down in north end. Always great to know people who still provide good old fashion service that goes the extra mile.