Stove bake Element explodes in Oven

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Bake-element Blisterd

All electric Elements at some point and time stop working, Most of the time it is the Ovens bake element that goes on the blink!

As a rule the electric element normally goes quietly during the night and then the next time when you want to use the stove-oven. it just doesn't heat up or it takes a very long time for the oven to reach bake temperature.

Other times the bake element "goes-out" in a blaze of glory! There is a loud bang, smoke and even flames! Man, this has all the makings of a spark-tacular show and it guarantees to get your heart pumping

The electric oven need 3 components to Function

  1. Thermostat: The thermostat is like a regulator it controls the temperature inside the oven cabinet. This process happen with the thermostat switching the electricity on and off.
  2. Wire: Electricity gets Transport from the thermostat to the electric element. Very Important - Because elements draws a lot of amps it is important  to use only silicone wire and at least a 2mm thick.
  3. Elements; This is unit that actually create the heat by using electricity supplied  by the thermostat through silicone wire
Silicone Wire
In a next post I will cover how to troubleshoot a electric element if there are no visible signs of a blown element

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Frost Free refrigerator Red light flashing

Frost Free Refrigerator Led lamp flashing 

Refrigerator Repairs in Africa

Lately we have been receiving a lot of calls for Frost Free Refrigerator that has a LED light flashing, which is also a indication that something is wrong with the refrigerator temperature . 

One of the most common and visible symptom is that the fridge section stops cooling. 

Frost Free Refrigerators make use of the "chill-factor-principal" to cool the air and also freezing stuff inside the Freezer Compartment. This means you have to have air-movement all the time inside the refrigerator. To create these ideal cooling conditions inside the refrigerator you need a couple of components to work together.

Main 4 Components needed  to achieve the chill –factor

1.   Evaporator
2.   Blower (fan)
3.   Air movements
4.   Timer

 Refrigerant is circulated through the evaporator unit by the compressor causing the evaporator to Ice-up. (Cold source)

 The fan sucks hot air through the evaporator unit and blows cold air out the other side (into freezer and fridge compartments)

Air movement
 This where the real magic is - the "chill-factor".  If one can get cold air to move it will become even colder. (Like the southeaster wind in the Cape) The principal is simple but if something like a piece of ice or food partial interfere with the movement of air inside your refrigerator then all kinds of bad things start to happen

That was the short version of the cooling working of the Frost Free Refrigerator now we will cover the heating section of the frost free refrigerator - this side is almost as important as the cooling section. 
The heating section is to help the refrigerator's defrosting control module from not developing an ice buildup.

Components needed for Defrosting

1.   Heater Element
2.   Micro heating temperature Controller
3.   Timer
4.   Main Refrigerator Controller

Heater Elements
The heater elements are mounted against the evaporator unit, which is made from aluminum. Aluminum is a great heat exchanger so when the heater gets turned on it melts the ice on the evaporator in seconds.

Micro temp Controller
This little pouch of components controls the heat temperature while the heater is turned on.
Defrosting timer

Timer unit controls the defrosting cycle. In other words how many times the elements should come on like every 6 hours or every 8 hours. Most modern fridge do not have separate timers in them. The older Defy and Whirlpool refrigerator model has them but the newer Samsung, Bosch and Lg refrigerator Refrigerator gets control controlled from the main Pc circuit module

The main refrigerator controller
The main purpose of the electronic controller is to have all these gadgets and parts working together in perfect harmony.  

In a next post I will cover more about the trouble shooting of the frost free refrigerators

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