Provincial Hospital Uitenhage going Italian

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Recently I had the privilege of tasting the pasta from one of the talented chef cooking at Provincial Hospital in Uitenhage and believe-you-me even my Italian friends mother ( Mama Albonetti ) will approve.
Industrial Frying Pan

One of the perks repairing appliances in a industrial kitchen you sometimes get to taste the end product but only when the chef is in a good mood and only he/she will serve you.

I learned early in my kitchen-repairs-career chefs are like a artist, most of them are extremely sensitive and emotional. If you want to see emotions fly - touch a chef pot or pan without his permission.


Fortunately all the kitchen-artist I work with - know I appreciate their creations and masterpieces just as much as they do. (most times they let me have a sample)

Cooking 300 to 700 healthy meals in a hospital while achieving that individual result of a home cook meal, just takes a special kind of person.

Bon Appetit

 pine pienaar