24 October 2011

ghd Repairs

ghd Repairs - Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth
ghd Repairs
Good Hair Day Hair Straighteners (ghd stylers) repairs in Port Elizabeth just call 083 52 52 52 2

The ghd hair stylers are engineering master pieces which has revolutionized hairstyling. When use correctly your ghd will give you years of creating iconic hair masterpieces. Unfortunately life happens to all of us and we get into sh..situations which we have no control over - on the upside you get to meet us and we look forward to meeting you.

If you are lucky and you live in Port Elizabeth or even if you are not so lucky we will still look at your ghd. When your Ghd hairstyler starts going on the blink do not panic, most of the time it is just something small like;

• The ghd powercable is the most common item that causes problems check for the following signs
o Power light starts flashing when you move the cable.
o The power light does not come on at all.

Be on the lookout for black marking or open wire and also check for kinks/ melts and cuts. When you cannot see the obvious mistakes it could also

>Never-ever wrap the electric cord around the ghd when storing is shortens the lifespan of the wire.

• ghd cable socket will show the same symptoms as a ghd power cable, when faulty

Other ghd faulty Signs Symptoms

Ghd Thermal fuse – don’t ever bypass it because it can cause the ghd to catch fire
Ghd Thermistor - Regulates the ghd temperature. Signs to look for;
o The ghd heater-plates are not heating when the thermistor that has gone on the blink.
o ghd will also have a continues beep.

• Continues Beep could also be a signs of a “bad” solder “joint” on one of the ghd electronic boards.
• When ghd Heater are not heating it could also be that a wire has detached it self and needs to be re-soldered
o It is also common for the ghd heater element to cracked, (dropped by accident)
o The ghd heater elements sometimes become brittle once it becomes old.

• Word of caution! Never keep on using the ghd if only one heater element is getting hot because then you will cause more(double) damage to your ghd
While we repair all ghd’s - we do recommend you have your unit done by the official agents - just for the sake of your ghd guarantee.

I hope you have a super Good Hair Day

07 September 2011

Microwave is Smoking

Microwave is Smoking - Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth
Smoking is Bad for your Health especially when its your Microwave is Smoking.

Andre from Cradock contracted me recently because he has installed a new Magnetron in his LG Microwave but it is still smoking when he switches it on.

There are a couple of reasons why you microwave are smoking
1.It could just be food that is logged somewhere inside the cabinet and is been overcook every time you switch on the Microwave oven on or
2. A loose terminal connection on your interlock switches
3. Transformer busy packing up,

Most of the times when you smell burning of plastic and see smoke it’s your High Voltage Transformer and for the sake of Andre’s dilemma I will only be chatting about the his high voltage Transformer.

High Voltage Transformer

The main reason for a transformer to start shorting out (smoking) is;
• Power surges (electronic rust)
• Old age (the transformer)
• Faulty High Voltage Capacitor

Once the High Voltage Capacitor goes faulty ir starts shorting out - causes extra strain on the transformer by drawing excessive current and the winding starts heating up and once the insulation around the wires start to melt is starts to smoke.
This little bugger is very devious because it gives the appearance that it is the transformer - shorting out. Also when you test the High Voltage Capacitor it check out fine but as soon as you turn your back it does the same again.
Just replace the High Voltage Capacitor and High Voltage Diott
If you catch this situation in time, then your Transformer should be fine but because we are not always turned into the negative side of our Appliances and we don’t always realize things are busy going wrong - until it is too late.

If you guys should need more information about you’re your Microwave is Smoking, Just click down here at the comment box and I will gladly help you out. Try to stop Smoking

PS; Photos supplied by Andre Swartz

05 August 2011

Sharp Sales Down 7%

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Sharp reported the quarter ending 30 June 2011 their sales declined by 7%.

Although Sharp India also report a increase in net profit for the same period on the Bombay Stock exchange, New Deihi Home Appliances and consumer Electronics aka Sharp

India had good profits for the previous year ending 30 June 2010.

23 July 2011

Defy is Sold

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Defy is Sold

Defy Appliances South Africa owned by the Franke group has been sold to Arcelik in Turkey.

The Arcelik Group are in turn part of the Koc group which has their finger in;

• Consumer durables (appliances)
• Finance
• Energy
• Automotive

According to Mustafa V Koc, the chairperson of Koc Holding;- "This investment is a significant step taken in the African continent, in line with the growth plans of Koc Holding and Arcelik Group in global markets. I firmly believe that through this acquisition Arcelik will strategically position itself in the African continent, which I believe offers a high growth potential”

The same message was ego by the CE of Defy Ross Campbell Heron saying that Defy will be used to give Koc Holdings a foot-hold into the Africa (sub-Sahara).

This is all great news if you are an investor or you live somewhere in Dark Africa but for us little people live here in South Africa, it might not be such a good thing

The Defy Brand has a reputation for Reliability and Durability – Especially their Defy’s Parts Department in Port Elizabeth

• Defy never made radical changes to working part of their appliances - They only make improvement as technology improves (not changes) which means that replacement parts are available on most of their older model appliances (10 years and beyond).

Some of the issues that concerns me is with a company like the Koc Holdings who has 19000 employees and 11 productions plants around the globe.

1. Defy Factories in South Africa will not be able to compete labor wise with the groups factories in China and Russia. (Where they sometimes work only for food and accommodation) - not that I am say this group does that kind of thing. It is just used to make a point that our labor force still find it difficult to compete internationally.

2. Price wise it might be better for us the man in the streets of South Africa, Buying a new Defy Appliance we might will end up buying a Defy product which is actually made in Romania and the very next year the same product will be manufacture in Turkey - using different parts.

Resulting in what has happen to most other International Brands.
Shops and Wholesalers give you a Year warranty on a any new Appliance purchased but once the year is up they are finish with you. There is no after-sales service and no parts available without experiencing a long waiting time.

• They only import the product not any spare parts because there are so many different models of the same machine made in different factories. It is just not cost effective for them to import each and every countries model. Resulting in that most consumer has to replace the appliance because repair parts are just too expensive.

• Also when you phone the Central Services Center (thinking it is in South Africa)- Located somewhere in India - you can never get back to the same operator that you have spend 30 minutes explain what you need and then you got “cut-off”!

As always I have gone overboard again with this “Thing”, maybe it is all for the greater good of the South African people. Maybe the Arcelik Group are actually interested developing the Defy Brand

Well I am off to fry my eggs on my Defy

10 July 2011

Carbon monoxide silent killer

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth
Carbon monoxide kills more than 480 people and sends 20000 people per year to the hospitals in the United States.

A person cannot see of smell CO (Carbon monoxide) but at high levels it can kill someone in minutes. CO is mainly produced in our domestic environment by appliances we use to burn fuels like;

• Gas
• Paraffin
• Oil
• Kerosene
• Wood
• Charcoal
• Fossil fuel (anthracite)

Fire Marshall Massoud Araghi of Ventura County says: “Carbon monoxide is a silent killer.” A new law has gone into effect on the 1 of July requiring homeowner’s to install carbon monoxide detector in their California homes which has a fireplace or fuel burning appliances or an attached garage

As a rule appliances are not hazards to our health, it is only when they are not serviced regularly or it malfunction. A lot more CO gets produced by an idling car (never idle your vehicle in the garage - even if the doors is open).

Early Signs and Symptoms of CO poisoning

• Headaches
• Nausea
• Dizziness
• Fainting
• Mental confusion

Immediate action should be taken if more that one person has these symptoms in one household or area.

Here in the Eastern Cape most homes have a indoor “Braai” (barbeques) due to the weather conditions. What people don’t realize most of the time they think their beer or wine was a bit off when they have a headache the day-after-the-night-before, but they never consider or give a second thought to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.


PS: Although we don’t have laws or rules in South Africa to install CO detectors, it might be a good idea just to install one in your home anyway. ( especially if you tend to wake up with headaches?)

16 June 2011

Refrigerator not Cooling -

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Refrigerator not cooling

The invention of the defrost cycle has lead to the now very popular Frost Free Refrigerator. The new generation refrigerator is suppose to leave you free from defrosting your freezer every other month.

"That is how it is suppose to work in the perfect world"

Airflow is crucial for your fridge/freezer to function optimally

All cold air is generated in Freezer compartment. The cold-air are then forced into the fridge compartment threw small ducting (tubes) with a Fan - called Evaporator Fan.

The most common reason for the unit to stop cooling is when the Freezer section is freezing-up. It happens threw the collection of moister that accumulates on frosting plates inside freezer. The more moist air allowed to entering freezer area, the more frost (ice) would accumulate.

With a manual chest or upright freezer you know you have to manually defrost the unit yourself, once there is too much ice build up inside the freezer. With the Airflow type Refrigerator you expect that it should function correctly and defrost it-self.

Unfortunate in a normal household things happen.
1. Somebody forgets to close the door properly and the unit collects too much moister in the airflow channels - Causing it to freeze up.
2. The door gaskets are not cleaned regularly then stop keeping cold inside compartment..

Warning Signs

• Refrigerator units like Defy, Samung and Whirlpool has a small orange light (led) flashing
• The ice or goods on the top shelve in the Freezer cabinet starts to defrost.
• Suspicions odors inside fridge section
• Milk is the first to go off.

When it comes to storing food for long periods your box-type freezer is still the best because when a upright Freezer gets open cold air falls out. When this happens a gush of hot air fills the unit making the temperature fluctuate.  Some foods cannot be stored for long period of time in these upright Frost Free units due to the short rise and fluctuation in temperature - when the heater-elements come on in the defrosting cycle.

The 3 main components in the defrosting system

1. Thermostat or Electronic sensor – it regulates the temperature
2. Heater – generates thermo energy to defrost evaporator
3. Timer or Electronic printed circuit Board – keeps track of the cycles

Possible Fix

Check if there is an ice-build up between the bottom freezer shelf and the 3 shelve. (Inside the unit at the back plate) If there are an ice build up switch the unit off and let it defrost (manually). When defrosted – turn refrigerator back on again.

If the unit is still not cooling - Call me at 083 52 52 52 2

Pine Pienaar

19 May 2011

Refrigerating long not good

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth- Refrigerating long not good

Refrigerating food for longer may cause more harm than good

According to Journal of Microbiology Immunology and Infection - University of Chicago in the United States; a food borne bacteria found in refrigerated food called Listeria monocytogenes cause heart disease.

Foods with a longer shelve life is now a possible breeding ground for Listera bacteria. Listeria is responsible for about 500 deaths a year in the United States. The bacteria growth is normally seen on the heart valves but now with further studies it seems it also attacks the heart muscles. This disease is called endocarditis (inflammation of the inner layer of the heart).

We know now what could happen to food it kept to long in the refrigerator and maybe think twice next time when you cut that growth of the cheese before using it.

Things to do
• Check expiring dates on refrigerated stuff regularly!
• Wash the inside cabinet of refrigerator with Hypochlorite (Jik or Dimestos)

A point for concern is this - could this condition also happen to Beer that stands to long?


11 May 2011

Stove top Oven element - Tip 1

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Stove Top oven element - Tip 1

Most modern electric ovens like Defy’s has a double element on top
The reason for this is that the one is for grill and the other is to help your oven reach temperature quicker when baking

When baking you have to pre-heat you oven first. Now for example if you set your oven for 180 degrees both elements will come on, till the oven has reached its preset degree’s. Only then will the top element go off and stay off. From there on only your bottom element should work.

Happy Baking

: Before working on any appliances switch it off at the wall socket and unplug the unit. Never work on any appliance with the power still plug in.

27 March 2011

Appliance Repairs in PE - Transistors

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Defy Refrigerator Electronic Thermostat - Front and Backside


WAIT! Wait come back! This information CAN be useful and will give you a better understanding of HOW all your gadget and Stuff work.

A transistor works like a water tap in your home, by which you control the flow of the water by opening and closing the tap – in other words a Transistor is a device that uses small changes in voltage to switch things on and off

There are different kinds of transistor but because I do not want to frighten you completely, I am going to tell you about the most common or most famous transistor found all over in your everyday life.

The N-channel Mosfet

This Item has a curvy top and solute square bottom with three legs. No-Yes, I think a drawing is going to be a better explanation

The mosfet has three legs and when you look at it, the silver plate should face away from you. The legs are called Gate, Drain and Source.

The Gate (left side) is where the current enters and the Gate also turns the transistor on and off.

The middle leg is called the Drain and is connected to the negative side of your load (load meaning Remote gates, TV, Fan, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Sound System, Dishwashers, Vacuum Cleaners, Food processors, Mixers, Liquidizers and the list just goes on and on)

The Source is found on the right and this is where the power goes out. The source is also connected to the circuit ground
O!.... you are still here! - Obviously there is no Game on.

The Big scheme of Things

Now I am going to tell you how all this comes into play in your world. We can use the remote gate an example but since I was a teenager (long-ago) I wanted a remote for my bedroom lights. So using that example..

1. As mentioned previously the Drain should be connected to the negative of the light
2. The Positive of the external power supply (batteries of transformer) must be connected to the positive side of your lamp (load).
3. The Gate now controls if the lamp goes on or off. VOLLA! Simple and straight forward.

Sorry just one more ietzi bitzi snag - If the Gate controls the load, who is controlling the Gate. We are not going into politics where your need a controller to lookout for the controllers and those controllers again need other controllers who needs.,,, round and round we go.

Getting back to our light and N-channel Mosfet, we now need something to signal voltage into the Gate so that the light can switch on or off.
The first that spring to mind is a Mercury vibration switch which turns the light off when you lay down on your bed or a motion sensor switch that turns the power on when you walk past.

At this stage I will give you some useless more information if you are just an average person who wants to increase their general knowledge about how their gadgets work

• At the Gate of the N-channel Mosfet the voltage should always be less than 15Volts DC
• The Drain side can go up to 60 Volts

Now if you are still wondering why I gave you this information then read on but first I must give thanks to the guys from Eskom (power company) for providing work for us small people.

POWER SURGES – when more power move into your transistors than what it was build for it blows
Before wearing you out completely I will save the adding of a relay and more resistor for a next post

PS. I’ve never build my own bedroom remote switch which I thought would be a smooth move to have in my youth but now as I get older it seems it is going to a necessity.

03 March 2011

Washing Machine Problems in Port Elizabeth

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Washing Machine Problems

Washing Machine Just Dead

Possible Causes and solutions

• Power-switch not on – check breaker at DV-board (Main power board)
• Faulty plug – replace
Check above plug and switch by using an appliance that you know is working somewhere else in the house
• Door/lid not closed – Close properly

Washing Machine Walks (vibrates)

Possible causes and solutions

• Machine not level – adjust “feet”, see instruction booklet
• Washing Machine incorrectly loaded – rearrange washing inside machine
• Machine is under loaded – increase washing load
• Stabilizers are still attached to machine if it is a new machine – Just remove them

Washing Machine not taking in Water

Possible causes and solutions

• Water turned off – Check tap and other outlets in house
• Inlet-hose has a kinked in it – Check and straighten
• Filter between Washing machine and hose are blocked – Unscrew hose from Washing Machine and clean

Washing Machine is Noisy

Possible causes and solutions

• Coins or other solid item is been washed – Stop and remove object (always check water level before opening the door)
o Scratching noise while washing – inner drum assembly cracked

Noisy when Draining water – something lodge inside the Drain pump – Call High Point 083 52 52 52 2
• Noisy when Spinning -
o Bra wire stuck between inner drum and outer drum – Stop and remove or Call High Point
o Bearings needs to be replaced – Two ways of checking, swing inner drum with hand or let washing machine run on the spin cycle without anything inside - Call High Point
o Noisy during spinning with a load but if you remove the load (washing) it spins quietly – bearing are fine but inner drum assembly is cracked – call High Point 083 52 52 52 2

Foaming to Much

Possible causes and solutions

• Wrong washing Powder – For twin tubs use High Foaming Powder ( Omo )and for Automatic Washing Machines use only low Foaming Power (Bio-Classic)
• Over Dose – Increase load size

Tip: Fabric Softener will help to reduce foam inside Washing Machine

I hope that you have found some value in above tips and isn’t it nice to know in-case you should need more pointers you can go to High Point Page but we also need you to click on “Like” or even leave me a comment below.

I value Positive Criticism

Pine Pienaar

16 February 2011


Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth


It is common for a Fuse to blow in a Microwave Oven especially if you live in our part of the world.

A Blown-Fuse is like a red light going on in your Microwave Oven; - it tells you that there is something wrong in your unit. Now it could also be something seriously wrong with your microwave and you might to need me to look at it. Or it could be the nice-guys from the power company letting you have a power surge. (Thank you Guys! Power surges must be part of the job-creation scheme)

If a power surge has gone threw you Microwave oven and if you are lucky - then it is just the Fuse that has blown and replacing it can be done by yourself

Signs and Symptoms:
• The Microwave Oven is just dead – (No lights or sound)
If you used the Microwave with no previous problems (night before) and when you want to use it again - it is just dead. This is a indication that a power surge went threw your Unit during the night (for some reason these surges normally happens during the night)

But if your Microwave oven just "died" while it was in use - it could be "challenging" problem and you might have to bring it to me. I will check it out for free and tell you if you should repair or rather go to Raffi’s for a new one.

Procedure to Replace the Fuse

>Unplug the microwave oven from the wall-plug (socket). Never work on any appliance while it is still plug into the wall socket.
>Unscrew the screws around the edge of the microwave’s top lid cover.
>Lift the back side of the lid ever so slightly and pull the whole lid backwards.
>Follow the electric lead where it goes into the microwave oven and it will end into a small circuit board (PC)
>First check for visible signs of damage on the module (black marking or swollen components)

> Then locate the fuse on this Pc and replace with the same value amp fuse. This is very important that you get the same value (amp) fuse. You can get this from Brian at Nationwide Television or at Dales or from me at High Point. (Don’t worry fuses are cheap)
> Replace the lid following the same procedure as above just in reverse.
> Plug the Microwave oven into the wall plug and switch on
> Put jug filled (350ml) with water inside Microwave Oven and switch on.
Now isn’t it nice to know if you should need more pointers you can go to High Point’s facebook or even ask us to check it out for free.

Call: 083 52 52 52 2

10 February 2011


Microwave Guide Cover

The location of the Microwave Oven Guide Cover is inside the Oven cabinet on the right hand side or at the top panel.

The purpose of the guide cover is to keep food spillages and fat away from the Magnetron.

The wave covers do become brittle or get damaged over a period of time and sometimes fat gets lodge behind the wave cover. If fat gets lodge on or behind the wave cover it gets heated every time and eventually turns into charcoal.

When you notice a spark or arcing inside the microwave it is normally a signs that the Microwave Oven wave cover needs to be replaced

Just unscrew the screw that keeps it in place and remove the cover. Sometimes it is a small plastic stud that keeps the cover in place just lift the studs.

We do keep a limited stock of the plastic wave cover but most of the time you have to order the cover from the manufactures. We can cut the mica type wave cover for you to your size, just make a copy of yours - send us a fax and will make it up for you. (if you are out of town we will mail it back to you)

Before you start working on any appliance unplug it from the wall electric socket. Remove the roller ring and glass plate from the inside cabinet because it is easy to damage these two units.

Before fitting the new wave cover, make sure the magnetron cavity is clean
To refresh your microwave oven – take a half lemon and 350ml water together in a jug – set microwave oven for 5 minutes on high. Once done wipe the condensation away with a soft cloth and you will be left with a fresh smelling Microwave Oven. Instead of lemon - vanilla essence can be used, same procedure.

If you need more pointers and advice just go to High Point's Facebook page and ask one of the many experts there.

Pine Pienaar Info
PS.If you need a little more information about microwave ovens check out this enzine article click here

30 January 2011

Refrigerator Door Gasket –Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Refrigerator Door Gasket –Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Refrigerator Door Gaskets becomes brittle overtime and a good sealing Fridge Door Seal is needed for effective cooling and to stop warm air leaking into the refrigerator Cabinet.

Signs of defected door seal;

• Build up of ice along the edges of your Freezer
• Excessive water moister inside the Fridge cabinet
• Smelly food
• Food that go off quicker before expiring date
The door seal keeps the wet (moist) or warm air out of the refrigerator and keep the cold air sealed inside the refrigerator.

Replacing your Fridge door seal can be done by yourself all you need is a couple of point from me

There are three basic types of refrigerator door gaskets/seals;
1. Push on type
2. Clip-on Type
3. Flat-back type
They also come in different profiles and colors (White, Grey, Cream and Brown).

Push On Type Refrigerator Door Gasket

To remove the (tong and groove type) seal start at the top right hand corner. Just lift it out by puling on the old refrigerator seal - slowly pull it out of the channel groove. Then Work your way down the sides and at the end pull it out of the bottom channel.
Start inserting the new gasket at the top corner and work your way over to the other top corner. Then you move down the sides to the bottom corners - slowly push the seal in the channel with your thumb.

Clip-on Type

If you lift the seal-lip away from the inner plastic of the door panel your will see screw underneath the door gasket that holds the Gasket in place.
Look if there is a little bulge along the rim of the plastic, this indicates that your refrigerator uses a clip-on refrigerator Gasket.
Otherwise was if the plastic door panel are just smooth (with screws to hold it in place) it will take a flat-back Door gasket. The flat-back gasket normally gets used on older refrigerator and deep-freezers.
If there are no screws present underneath the door gasket and it looks like the gasket is molded into the door it means the gasket is a push-on-type.

Fitting the Clip-on Type Door Seal

Always start by unscrewing the bottom door panel screws and work you way around the panel to the top. Then when you have removed all the side screw you take unscrew the top screw. The plastic panel and gasket should now be loose from the refrigerator. If the panel is still molded to the door just un-clip the gasket and refit the new gasket.

Flat back Door gasket
The procedure is same as with the clip-on type

General Tips
• When fitting the screws back, put one screw at the top to hold the panel in place.
Start inserting the screws form the bottom working you ways around the sides to the top.
While doing this Do Not tighten the screw - align the door gasket first .
Only once your stand back and see that the new door seal is straight and flush
Then start tightening the screws - again from the bottom up.

• If the new flat-back seal do not have pre-manufactured holes in the gasket - just press the screws into the seal threw into the door holes. By attempting to make holes before fitting the gasket, can really turn into timely exercise.

• If the seal is molded into the door panel and there are no screws present, save yourself and call a professional because it means the seal will have to be cut to fit the new seal.

How to order a new door Gasket

The Clip-on and Flat-back type gasket can be made according to you specifications. Just Measure the gasket from one end to the other and top to bottom (length). You will also need to specify the profile and color.

Order the Tong and Groove-type only from the unit manufacture or their service agents only, because the lip and the groove can be ever so slightly different when you have this made up and a simple procedure will now turn into a night mare - just trust me on this one.

To order from the manufacture or their service agent you will need to provide them with your refrigerator model number and sometimes also the type number. These numbers can be found on the back or on the sides of the fridge. Sometimes it is even situated behind the vegetable draws inside the fridge cabinet.

To preserve the life of a Gasket clean it regularly with a mild soap (Handy Andy- ammonia is to powerful)
Put some Vaseline of Glycerin along the cabinet side where the door hinges are –it will make the door closes smoother.

As always if you run into a snags or you need more pointers just go to High Point for more free advice.

Enjoy your repair project.

Pine Pienaar

17 January 2011

Washing Machine Door Seal Replace - Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Washing Machine Door Seal Replace - Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Watch this video and learn how to replacing the door rubber of a Washing Machine.
Replacing door boot/seal of a washing machine can be done by anyone all you need is a little know-how and patients.

Tools needed:
• Phillips screw driver
• Thin Flat screw driver
• Long nose-pliers

As always if you run into a spot you can ask someone over at High Point.
Now isn’t that nice to know you have someone watching over you.

Happy Repairs

Pine Pienaar Info

11 January 2011

Dirty Smelly Washing Machine – Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Dirty Smelly Washing Machine – Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Dirty and Smelly washing machines are a common problem and if you are an animal lover the problem is even worse.

Washing Machine Drums are built with indentations and holes to get more water and chemical movement. Unfortunately the holes and indentations also make good hiding place for bacteria The smell comes from a bacteria build up inside your Washing Machine and there are a few reasons why this occurs

• Manufactures Fault – unnecessary bends (LG and Maytag was sued for this)
• Over Dosing – Using too much soap or fabric softener
• Using to little Chemicals
• Using Cheap or No Name products
• Overloading or water-level setting too low

There are 4 area’s where Bacteria and Fungus Growth commonly occurs
1. Soap Drawer
2. Door Boot (Rubber)
3. Inside washing Machine Drum
4. And at the Pump/Filter

Soap Drawer or Dosing Cup
- Wipe or washed that area on a regular basis
Door Boot
-Wipe regularly with Bleach - it will remove the black fungus that occurs on the door rubber
-Dry door rubber when finished with washing
-Leave the door/lid open when not in use
Inner Drum
-Overdosing with soap powder or fabric softeners is the most common cause of smell and marks on clothing (always follow manufactures recommendations)
-Cheap and no-name products (house brands)
-Same as above except most new machine have a filter (fluff catcher) and this can be unscrewed and cleaned on a regular basis.

Solutions for smells and spots from drum and pump
-Use a good cleaning agent.
-Full machine like normal without any washing inside it
-Set it on it hottest setting
-Let the machine turn a couple of times so that the chemicals and water can mixed.
-Then switch off
-Fill the machine now manually right up to the rim of the drum (you must get over the normal water level because that is where the black mould and fungus are growing)
-Leave the machine for a weekend or 3 days with that chemical solution inside the washing machine drum
-Set the Washing Machine to the spin cycle and drain all the chemical and water
-It is Very important that the machine must now be set on the longest wash to remove all chemical that is still inside the unit (because if some of that chemical are left behind in the machine - it will stain your clothes)

Cleaning Agents Recomended
- BioCide D. Your friendly chemist will sell you a sachet or two and Exclusive Frozen are also sell it in small quantities
- Bleach. Like Jik or Domestos (Must have Hypochlorite in it) use the whole bottle 750ML at a time
- Afresh Tablets. I haven’t seen it for sometime but might still available in the U.S.
- Salt and Bicarbon of soda

If the above remedies do not solve the smells and stains problem, then the only way would be for us to strip it down and give the inner drum a physical scrub and service.

Grease and oil stains on laundry are an indication your drum seal and bearing are broken and in need of replacement - Together with been noisier when going into the spin cycle.

As always if more information is need just go to our Facebook page and ask because there are people that know.

As always enjoy laundry?

Pine Pienaar

03 January 2011

Appliances Service In Port Elizabeth - Tips

Living a greener way should become a priority to us all - just take note what is happening at the poles and our current weather pattens. By making a few adjustment in our daily living and servicing our own appliances regularly we can start making our carbon foot print a little lighter.

Things will not change over night but at least we can start with these Saving Tips and Ideas in and around the house

Appliances Service In Port Elizabeth

All the air vents was blocked in this Whirlpool Dryer- resulting that this dryer took a very long time to dry the clothes

Tumble Dryers

· Use tumble Dryer only on rainy or cloudy days – try to air dry clothes as much as possible

· Switch your Dryer on only when you have a full load.

· Keep your dryer in a small room or in a place where there is little ventilation (outside air heats up quicker)

· Be on the alert when your dryers starts making unusual sounds – it is normally a indication that it needs new bearing and by servicing your unit it will also use less electricity.

Washing Machines

· Set water levels to half loads – it makes the concentration of the chemicals (washing power) stronger resulting in a cleaner wash. Only when washing woolens should you always stay at recommended settings?

· Wash only when there is a full load

· Sun- dry towels everyday instead of has it every time.

· Use only the cold water setting.

If the owner had this leaking heater element sorted the motor would not have burned-out.

Fridge / Freezer

· Always keep Refrigerator Full - even if you must put some water bottles inside it, once all the “stuff” has reached it temperature it actually helps to maintain the cabinet temperature at a level.

· Pack stuff inside the cabinet so that it forms a” wall” – every-time you open your refrigerator all the cold air falls out.

· Always make sure that the Fridge Gasket is sealing properly and that they are in good condition – so that hot air doesn’t gets into the refrigerator. Replacing a door gasket is not rocket science. Just measure it on the outside, send me the measurements and I will have it made-up.

· Store high usage items (milk) in a cooler box – uses icepack to keep cooler box cold.

· Make sure refrigerator operates between 2 and 8 degrees. If not have thermostat check out


· Only use it when it has a full load

· Use shorter program settings

Stoves and Ovens

· Try to cook several dishes at one time when using your oven

· To reheat rather use Microwave Oven instead of the oven

· Have a small counter top gas burner installed for everyday usage instead of using stove plates.

· Always use correct pot or pan size on plate size.

I am sure you can find some value in these tips, if your have some more advice and tips please share them with us.


Pine Pienaar Info

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