23 February 2013

Provincial Hospital is Cooking

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Cooking In Provincial Hospital has just moved up two nudges with the new Industrial double Cooking pots that was installed.

The electrical three phase control box are situated in between the two cooking pots

The industrial catering pots has their lids permanently mounted on the sides

The Catering pots has the ability to tiled right over, making it easy to dish up the cooked food.

The new Catering equipment has inspired the chefs to new highs - the food looks and smells like it could be for a 5 star hotel.

Isn't it great looking forward to the day your are going to end up in the Provincial Hospital and you are going to have the privilege of sampling their exquisine meals.

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Bon Appetit

16 February 2013

Empilweni TB Hospital Port Elizabeth upgrades Washer

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Empilweni TB Hospital Port Elizabeth just Upgrade with a new Whirlpool Heavy Duty Washer which we supplied and installed

This Whirlpool washer was installed in one of the more sensitive wards to minimize "importing" germs from the outside.  The Sterile conditions are so high in this section and all stops gets pulled to insure the patience's only receives the best care. 

Isn't it great to know that  if you or me or a family member should should ever need to make use of this Hospital that they are aiming for Excellence.

How is the hygienic conditions in your laundry room at home?