16 February 2011


Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth


It is common for a Fuse to blow in a Microwave Oven especially if you live in our part of the world.

A Blown-Fuse is like a red light going on in your Microwave Oven; - it tells you that there is something wrong in your unit. Now it could also be something seriously wrong with your microwave and you might to need me to look at it. Or it could be the nice-guys from the power company letting you have a power surge. (Thank you Guys! Power surges must be part of the job-creation scheme)

If a power surge has gone threw you Microwave oven and if you are lucky - then it is just the Fuse that has blown and replacing it can be done by yourself

Signs and Symptoms:
• The Microwave Oven is just dead – (No lights or sound)
If you used the Microwave with no previous problems (night before) and when you want to use it again - it is just dead. This is a indication that a power surge went threw your Unit during the night (for some reason these surges normally happens during the night)

But if your Microwave oven just "died" while it was in use - it could be "challenging" problem and you might have to bring it to me. I will check it out for free and tell you if you should repair or rather go to Raffi’s for a new one.

Procedure to Replace the Fuse

>Unplug the microwave oven from the wall-plug (socket). Never work on any appliance while it is still plug into the wall socket.
>Unscrew the screws around the edge of the microwave’s top lid cover.
>Lift the back side of the lid ever so slightly and pull the whole lid backwards.
>Follow the electric lead where it goes into the microwave oven and it will end into a small circuit board (PC)
>First check for visible signs of damage on the module (black marking or swollen components)

> Then locate the fuse on this Pc and replace with the same value amp fuse. This is very important that you get the same value (amp) fuse. You can get this from Brian at Nationwide Television or at Dales or from me at High Point. (Don’t worry fuses are cheap)
> Replace the lid following the same procedure as above just in reverse.
> Plug the Microwave oven into the wall plug and switch on
> Put jug filled (350ml) with water inside Microwave Oven and switch on.
Now isn’t it nice to know if you should need more pointers you can go to High Point’s facebook or even ask us to check it out for free.

Call: 083 52 52 52 2