Refrigerator Troubleshoot in Port Elizabeth

Refrigerator repairs in South Africa

Whirlpool refrigerator

A refrigerator is one of the most important and also the most used Appliance in a home. When the Fridge or Freezer starts playing up there is normally panic and chaos in the Household. Most of the time it is not something serious and with a little help from me you can sort your refrigerator out yourself.

The best way I can help you is for you to help me troubleshoot the Refrigerator. Go down the list below of common faults and diagnoses. Sometimes you might find that your refrigerator has two or more of the below symptoms.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Back

  1. Freezer is icing up but the Fridge side is not Cold
  2. Fridge side has big lump of ice-build on the one side
  3. Fridge is freezing food like milk, eggs and vegetables 
  4. Food do not last long in fridge
  5. Fridge is starting to smell (odors)
  6. Refrigerator is running continuously but not making ice

    1. The light is on but Refrigerator is not running
    2. Refrigerator light is off but refrigerator is working
    3. The light is off and refrigerator is not running

    1. Refrigerator is running continuously and making to much ice
    2. Refrigerator is making strange noises
    3. Refrigerator is making "clicking" sounds
    4. Refrigerator stops and starts too infrequently
    5. Refrigerator defrost it self.
    D Water Leaks
    1. Water are Dripping  from inside the refrigerator
    2. Water are on the floor (cannot see where it is coming from) 
    There are Plenty more signs and symptoms but I will cover that in a later post, for now this will give you something to work with.

    Keep Cool!

    Ps. I will be covering each diagnose with a individual post. If your problem arises before I could cover it just go to our facebook page and pop the question .    I will gladly answer any questions
    you might have.