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Ghd Pcb

What is voltage and why does it affect my appliances, is questions I get asked regularly

Putting the answer in layman’s terms - Voltage is Energy and the voltage number is the amount
supplied from a energy source.

Simple! - Not! This is where things get interesting. The energy amount supplied is not necessary the
amount that is going to reach the end.

Voltage flow is called Current

To get the energy(voltage) from here to there is called current flow and normally the best means is done
through copper conductors(wire or printed circuitry on a pc board).

Disturbance in a current flow is called Resistance

The negative part about these current flows is that every disturbance in  the flow will cause a
resistance (voltage drops);

  • The further the current flow the more the voltage drop
  • Switches and circuit breakers causes voltage drops
  • Joints will cause a voltage drop

Now we get to the other potential problem;

Voltage resistance causes a Heat build-up  

There is mathematical ways one can work out these resistances and drops in advange but I not going
to risk boring or losing you, it is better if you go look it up yourself the different formulas.
Just take my word on this one, the bigger the energy lost the bigger is the bigger is the heat buildup.

Now that we have the above out of the way we are getting to the reason for this post!

Common reasons why Appliances fail

  • Dust and fluff
    • Blocking ventilation holes preventing circulation
  • Fluff around a motor will make the operating temperature go higher and all most small
motors need is  between 3 to 5 degree temperature rise to burnout

  • Bad connection
    • Any connection is also a disturbance in the current flow and a potential heat build-up area.
    • Heat (current) makes metal expand and contract when cools down.. Over a period of time
connection wear loose and then it really starts heating up, till eventually something burns


Have you appliances serviced regularly periods by a reputable service provider. Ask them if they do
down to earth test

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Single Induction Cooker

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Single Induction Cooker

Exposed Induction Cooker 

The single induction cooker  saves up to 50% on electricity and is much faster  than any traditional methods.

While single induction cookers has many features the one that impressed me is that they are compatible with inverters and generators. Which means while you are out bun-du-bashing you can use the cooker connecting it to your vehicles battery via a inverter. This makes for a quick and easy cooking.

Induction cooker Control Module
How induction heating works

Induction heating method is very similar to the principles used in a microwave oven - Joule heating;- currents react with the intrinsic resistance of the medium


Putting it simpler - It is a phenomenon that involves AC currents with two metallic circuits not in direct contact with each other, will exchange energy by varying magnetic fields. 
 High frequency coupling transfer energy to a medium that causes resistance will cause heat. 

The normal electric current frequency from the mains to any appliance is 50Hz, which is too low to produce any heating results. The only method one can produce a high enough frequency is through an oscillator.

Sadly like most electronic equipment they all fail at some point but not to worry that why you know me.

That reminds me another safety features that impressed me was the dry pot and high/low voltage protection.

Induction cooker main parts

Heads Up

  • Ordinary aluminium pots and pans don't work on induction cooker - True 
  • Only expensive cooking equipment works with induction cooker -  Not True 
A Simple test to find out if your cooking pot or pan are compatible with a induction cooker. 

All you need is a small magnate. 
If the magnate sticks to the bottom of the pot, it can be used on a induction cooker. SIMPLE! 

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Happy Cooking

Hot Curles

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Had the pleasure of repairing a vintage electric hot cruller this week. Not many of then still around. the Thermo Ceramic hair rollers are back and has taken their place. 

Rat in Fridge

Fridge Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Ice in ventilation fan

Have you ever heard a faint scratching noise coming from the refrigerator - like a rat looking for something
nice but don’t panic it’s only Ice.

It is not common for Ice to build up around the ventilation fan but it does happen and only in “frost-free”
refrigerators. Certain times of the year it’s worse. In Port Elizabeth middle December up to middle
February is the time when most frost free refrigerators over ice due to condensation. We start getting
the plenty of calls at that time but it could be that the problem started before Xmas because of the
following reasons.

1. Ice Cream and Lollies

During holiday season, hot weather and weekends the freezers are loaded with ice cream, lollies
and ice.The refrigerator doors are been opened a lot more than normal and each time you open the
refrigerator door hot -moist-air comes gushing in, condensate on the ice-plates (condenser)

2, Door left open

Leaving the door open is a sure way to get the refrigerator all iced up. Especially when visitors are
around for the holidays everybody is sneaking to the refrigerator for some leftovers and they don’t
what to let anybody hear they are in the refrigerator, so they close the fridge door ever so softly.
Just close enough to prevent the “open door” alarm from going off and open enough for the moist air to
sneak into the refrigerator.

There are a couple of other reasons why refrigerator over condensate (ice) but I am not going to talk
about them in this post because they are going to cost you money to sort out and the reason for this
post is to save you money.

Ok! I won't leave you hanging

The other things that can cause over icing is a faulty temperature probe, broken heater element and
ventilation fan but let’s not go there (expensive repairs).

Quick Fix

Switch the refrigerator off just before everyone goes to bed at night because you don’t want anyone to
open the fridge doors again (to keep cold air inside). In the morning switch the refrigerator back on

With this method you will melt the excessive condensation (ice) on the condenser (ice-plates) but your
food won’t go-off or defrost in the freezer. If the scratching is gone then you know you on the right track.

Most of the time you have to do this ritual (switching on and off) 3 to 4 nights in a row.

Condensor iced up 

Just a word of caution:  

“Remember to switch the Refrigerator back on again the next day.”

If the switching on and off didn’t solve your problem then unfortunately you are going to need me.

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