21 September 2016

Hand Dryer repairs in Eastern Cape

Hand Dryer Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Electric hand driers! -  Best thing since the invention of sliced bread, they have elevated bathroom hygiene to new levels.  
I always get the shivers when I have to walk pass one of those bacteria invested waste-baskets overfilled with used paper towels – even worse are those rolled cloth towels. Somewhere along the line you have to touch where the previous visitor just did his “business”. Jugg! 
- Lets rather move on to what I actually what to tell you about in this post.  

Hand dryers are so convenience, just hanging silently on bathroom wall ready to spin into action as soon as you rub your hand underneath it. Like all modern day appliances the convince come at a price to the environment.

It is true Electric hand dryers do save tree's - but all those plastics and metal used to build them. Then there’s the electricity they use? In all fairness the new generation Hand Dryers uses much less electric energy that their older counterparts.
Printed circuit board (Pcb) of a hand dryer
One Handdryer that stands a little above the rest (paper/cloth towels and old school dryers) is Xlerator. Comparing the Xlerator to other new generation hand dryers I unfortunately cannot give you an accurate comparison because I haven't had much experience with the other brands. (The older generation handdryers - yes!) In our part of the universe (Eastern Cape) we don’t really see much of the other newer trade names

Like all Electric-Appliances, hand driers need periodic services. This is also the single biggest reason why they come in for repairs – “the dryer were never serviced or cleaned”! 

The inlet grill get clogged with fluff and then the motor starts running hotter than normal - Overheating! doesn't matter if it is a tumble drier or vacuum cleaner overheating is very bad for any kind of electric-motor. All you have to do is get your handyman to remove the cover and wash the little inlet grill  

Inlet grill of a hand drier

Personally I think the manufactures should have installed a removable filter grill at the in let.
Small electric motor carbon brushes and damage commutator

The second cause why electric hand dryer fail is Carbon Brushes. These little buggers are responsible for making the motor turn by allowing electric current to run through them into the commutators. The electric current creates a north and south pole in the motor. The little carbon brushes now push the commutator sections away - one cell at a time, creating rotation.

Once the carbon brush starts wearing-out, it stops making secure contact with the commutator. As you know when you have a loose or bad electrical connection excessive heat starts to develop in a unit. 

You can see in the above picture the commutator was burned black by the excessive heat. 

Schematic of the electric Hand drier

I do hope this post has given you more insight as to the working of a electrical hand drier and also how to avoid unnecessary expensive repairs. If you should need more info get  us at https://www.facebook.com/Appliancesa/ or just send us a e-mail


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