31 July 2016

Dishwasher Problems and Troubles

Dishwasher Repair in Port Elizabeth
Dishwasher not dispensing detergent

When opening a Dishwasher in anticipation of clean sterile dishes and cutlery but instead  the dishes are cover with smears and stain marks. That is a major let-down! 
Dishwasher are great machines when they work. . . . ! but when it starts giving inconstant results, it becomes a huge source of frustration. 
Lately we have been receiving a lot of inquiries about dishwashers giving inconsistent cleaning results. I have highlighted some of the most common problems my clients have with their dishwasher and possible solutions. 

Cutlery and Dishes has a stain residue on them when washed 
Most people use their dishwasher on after dinner and the machine remains close for the night then the following happens

  • Steam then tends to condensate on cutlery if dishwasher is left closed - leaving residue marks

Ø  Dishwashers should be opened after 20 minutes program has ended - allowing hot air and steam to escape
Ø  When dishwasher cycle is finished machine should at least be left closed for another 10 minutes

Detergent powder is not dissolving
·        Check spray arms for blockages in the little end jets
·        Was the dispenser chamber dry before inserting cube/powder
·        Was the cutlery and dishes pack so that it could have prevented the soap dispenser flap from opening

Dishes remaining wet at end of cycle
·        Dishes must be arranged so no water puddles are formed on cutlery
·        No salt in Dishwasher result in;
o   lime scale building-up on heater elements
o   which in turn effects the drying results
§  a descaler should be used to dissolve lime
·        To little rinse aid can also have an effect on the drying result

Dishes has smears and streak marks
Ø  Overdosing of rinse aid will results in streak marks at the end of a cycle 

Once you have tried the above advice and the problem still persists it means the machine has a default some were and you need a professional to open the Dishwasher up.

I do hope you have found some value in this post

Have a streaky-clean-day

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05 July 2016

Laminator repair in Port Elizabeth

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Laminator Repair

Their Laminator just suddenly died and it is one of those you buy from the big chain stores with no after sales or backup - once the guarantee is finish  the are also finish with you. As a last resort Ann ask us if we could help.
Laminator PCB repair
Upon opening the laminator unit we found the little drive motor and bushes were still in excellent condition. It was only one capacitor on the PCB that exploded. After cleaning and good lube job, the unit was ready to go back into commision.

The was all done cheap-cheap! (when you like one of our social media and bring your broken unit in the quote is free)

Isn't that great from now on you can make informed decisions if you should repair or chuck.

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