08 July 2019

Another First for GE Appliances

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GE Appliances does it again
GE appliances are known for their Firsts and also have a proud record-list of
been awarded more than a 100 patents
Ge’s Firsts
Apart from having been known for their innovated appliance, they have
also created the first;-
  • Dishwasher single-rack front loader (Launched in 1936)
  • Fridge/Freezer Combination with two doors (in 1947)
  • Ovens that do self-clean(in 1963)
  • Wall ovens that do Hot air Frying (in 2019)
Bob Park the Brands Chief for GE Appliances Canada recently said at
the launch of the Hot-air-Frying wall oven, that this oven will fill an
Appliance cap in the market.
Consumers have become more health-conscious in the way they prepare their
food combine with the general trend of consumers aiming for minimalists living.
Bob says this wall hot air-frying-oven will help to declutter your counter-top
because you won't need a stand-alone air fryer.

Great news, I just can't wait to prepare my first healthy meal in one of these


01 July 2019

Defy 600STE multifunction Oven Anatomy

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The reason for this post is to show you Defy 600STE multifunction Oven Anatomy and Parts. All electrical ovens basically work the same, some just have more bells and whistles.

Cooking family meals in the defy multifunction is effortless and one can achieve the same cooking results as you would get in an industrial combi-oven. the 600 STE multifunction oven is just more energy efficient

The controls simple straight forward;

  • Thermostat (70 to 230 degrees)
  • Selector
  • Timer

Inside this little oven is where the magic is

Food Art can be created in this little oven with the help of different Function settings
  • Thermofan Bake (fan is located at the back of the oven surrounded with its own heat element)
  •  Bake element
  •  Bake Fan assisted
  •  Grill element
Thermofan wiring and element
The Defy 600STE multifunction Oven Anatomy has a pulldown double glass door. The plastic handles makes it safe to touch during cooking.

Personally I don't like the black glass because I like to see the baking-magic as it happens
Thermostat Old and new replacement unit
The oven thermostat indicator light switches of once desired temperature have been reached.

The oven-light remains on for the whole duration of the oven usage

I do hope you have as much fun with your oven as much as I enjoy working on Defy 600STE multifunction Oven Anatomy

Let your creative juices flow


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