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Dirty Defy stove controls

Here at All Appliance Repairs we always suggest not keeping your oven too clean. 
Ovens need a fatty/oily layer to protect the grooves and seams from moisture causing rust.

Defy Ovendoor covered in grease

Recently we had the pleasure of working on a extreme Dirty Defy Stove that even had me blinking and because I love appliances - seeing an appliance go into despair just breaks my heart.

Dirty Spiral Plate 

Too much fat buildup will have the opposite effect, instead of protecting - it allows the steam/spills to go underneath the buildup preventing moisture from evaporating causing the oven and plate-under cups (reflector cups) to rust even faster

Rusted Spiral Plate reflector cup
Don't get me wrong I'm not saying you should keep a dirty oven or stove in your home, I'm just suggesting that you take precautionary measures and leave a thin layer of fat/oil. It’s actually funny seeing some people’s faces turn to horror when I tell them their oven is too clean, some women even shiver in horror by the mere thought of a dirty Oven in their home.

Over the years I've had the honour to be rubbing shoulder with some of Port Elizabeth greatest Chefs, One thing I know from them is that the secret to a magnificent meal is in the equipment and the preparation. If your cooking equipment is dirty or if it works inconsistently, you will taste it in the end.

Tip: Never tell the cook his oven too clean!

Defy stove Hob can be lifted to clean

"I'm late, I'm late, I'm late." said the White Rabbit.

Modernday oven and stove cleaners are extremely aggressive, its made to give you instant cleaning-results.  (it's especially made for people with no-time-to-waste on cleaning their ovens because they must Earn-more to pay for regular oven replacements.) The Combination of aggressive oven cleaners, moist air and heat will get into the joints will get into joints/grooves making it rust.

The following Cleaning methods has stoot the test of time;

Bicarbonate of soda cleaning method          

  •  Mixed Bicarbonate of soda with Hot water so that it forms a paste. Then smear this paste onto the grease inside the oven and leave for a couple of hours. The past will soften the dirt and also absorb odours. Your might still need a little bit of elbow-grease but in the long run it is worth it. Some people say instead of water one should use white vinegar. Give it a try and let us know about this one.
  • Alternatively made a cleaning past with Lemon juice and bicarbonate soda is great to remove odours and minor grease in your microwave oven
  • Cooking oil or silicone spray will break up grease if dabbled over the dirty spot. This is especially recommended for glass and stainless steel ovens or hobs.  appliances will shine after cleaning with this method.

The above cleaning methods with leave your appliances fresh and clean without the harsh chemical smell to breathe-in.

Enjoy the cleaning but above all enjoy the baking

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Ps. Did you know baking soda is a type of salt - sodium carbonate plus sodium carbon dioxide