Refrigerator sides are Hot

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Refrigerator sides are hot

Being warm on the outside is normal for a Refrigerator.
Commercial fridges even have heating elements fitted but Domestic Freezers and Fridges have warm pipes inside the cabinet walls circulating around the refrigerator.

How does it heat up happen

Refrigerant (gas) is circulated through the system by a compressor. The tubing that radiate heat are purposely installed inside the sides of the cabinet foam to emit heat from the gas while the compressor is working

When the compressor is off, the sides are cold.

Why the Heat
  • It helps to prevent condensation (sweating) and ice forming on the outside of the freezer, preventing rust
  • Keeps the fridge door gaskets soft
  • It also stops freezer door from icing up, preventing the door gaskets tearing upon opening

Reason for excessive heat

In summer when the outside temperature is higher, refrigerators-sides also tend to feel hotter than usual. We tend to rely more on our fridges for contentment in hot weather which means it get open more often. Every time you open the door all the cold air falls out and hot air rushes in, the compressor must work more often to get the content chilled again.

·  Refrigerator compressor runs more/longer than normal when:-

o Large quantities of warm food or beer was loaded into refrigerator
o Refrigerator has been off/storage for a time
In both these instances the sides should cool down once the inside load cools.

Possible Solutions and Preventive measures
  • ·         Make sure there is enough space at the back for ventilation
  •           Check that it’s clean behind refrigerator (the condenser coils).
  •           Pet hair, lint and dust will make refrigerator run warmer
  •           Move fridge to a cooler location - never near a stove or oven

As a last resort you could set up a desk fan behind the refrigerator but I think this is more for your own peace of mind.

Enjoy the summer



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