11 January 2011

Dirty Smelly Washing Machine – Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Dirty Smelly Washing Machine – Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Dirty and Smelly washing machines are a common problem and if you are an animal lover the problem is even worse.

Washing Machine Drums are built with indentations and holes to get more water and chemical movement. Unfortunately the holes and indentations also make good hiding place for bacteria The smell comes from a bacteria build up inside your Washing Machine and there are a few reasons why this occurs

• Manufactures Fault – unnecessary bends (LG and Maytag was sued for this)
• Over Dosing – Using too much soap or fabric softener
• Using to little Chemicals
• Using Cheap or No Name products
• Overloading or water-level setting too low

There are 4 area’s where Bacteria and Fungus Growth commonly occurs
1. Soap Drawer
2. Door Boot (Rubber)
3. Inside washing Machine Drum
4. And at the Pump/Filter

Soap Drawer or Dosing Cup
- Wipe or washed that area on a regular basis
Door Boot
-Wipe regularly with Bleach - it will remove the black fungus that occurs on the door rubber
-Dry door rubber when finished with washing
-Leave the door/lid open when not in use
Inner Drum
-Overdosing with soap powder or fabric softeners is the most common cause of smell and marks on clothing (always follow manufactures recommendations)
-Cheap and no-name products (house brands)
-Same as above except most new machine have a filter (fluff catcher) and this can be unscrewed and cleaned on a regular basis.

Solutions for smells and spots from drum and pump
-Use a good cleaning agent.
-Full machine like normal without any washing inside it
-Set it on it hottest setting
-Let the machine turn a couple of times so that the chemicals and water can mixed.
-Then switch off
-Fill the machine now manually right up to the rim of the drum (you must get over the normal water level because that is where the black mould and fungus are growing)
-Leave the machine for a weekend or 3 days with that chemical solution inside the washing machine drum
-Set the Washing Machine to the spin cycle and drain all the chemical and water
-It is Very important that the machine must now be set on the longest wash to remove all chemical that is still inside the unit (because if some of that chemical are left behind in the machine - it will stain your clothes)

Cleaning Agents Recomended
- BioCide D. Your friendly chemist will sell you a sachet or two and Exclusive Frozen are also sell it in small quantities
- Bleach. Like Jik or Domestos (Must have Hypochlorite in it) use the whole bottle 750ML at a time
- Afresh Tablets. I haven’t seen it for sometime but might still available in the U.S.
- Salt and Bicarbon of soda

If the above remedies do not solve the smells and stains problem, then the only way would be for us to strip it down and give the inner drum a physical scrub and service.

Grease and oil stains on laundry are an indication your drum seal and bearing are broken and in need of replacement - Together with been noisier when going into the spin cycle.

As always if more information is need just go to our Facebook page and ask because there are people that know.

As always enjoy laundry?

Pine Pienaar