03 January 2011

Appliances Service In Port Elizabeth - Tips

Living a greener way should become a priority to us all - just take note what is happening at the poles and our current weather pattens. By making a few adjustment in our daily living and servicing our own appliances regularly we can start making our carbon foot print a little lighter.

Things will not change over night but at least we can start with these Saving Tips and Ideas in and around the house

Appliances Service In Port Elizabeth

All the air vents was blocked in this Whirlpool Dryer- resulting that this dryer took a very long time to dry the clothes

Tumble Dryers

· Use tumble Dryer only on rainy or cloudy days – try to air dry clothes as much as possible

· Switch your Dryer on only when you have a full load.

· Keep your dryer in a small room or in a place where there is little ventilation (outside air heats up quicker)

· Be on the alert when your dryers starts making unusual sounds – it is normally a indication that it needs new bearing and by servicing your unit it will also use less electricity.

Washing Machines

· Set water levels to half loads – it makes the concentration of the chemicals (washing power) stronger resulting in a cleaner wash. Only when washing woolens should you always stay at recommended settings?

· Wash only when there is a full load

· Sun- dry towels everyday instead of has it every time.

· Use only the cold water setting.

If the owner had this leaking heater element sorted the motor would not have burned-out.

Fridge / Freezer

· Always keep Refrigerator Full - even if you must put some water bottles inside it, once all the “stuff” has reached it temperature it actually helps to maintain the cabinet temperature at a level.

· Pack stuff inside the cabinet so that it forms a” wall” – every-time you open your refrigerator all the cold air falls out.

· Always make sure that the Fridge Gasket is sealing properly and that they are in good condition – so that hot air doesn’t gets into the refrigerator. Replacing a door gasket is not rocket science. Just measure it on the outside, send me the measurements and I will have it made-up.

· Store high usage items (milk) in a cooler box – uses icepack to keep cooler box cold.

· Make sure refrigerator operates between 2 and 8 degrees. If not have thermostat check out


· Only use it when it has a full load

· Use shorter program settings

Stoves and Ovens

· Try to cook several dishes at one time when using your oven

· To reheat rather use Microwave Oven instead of the oven

· Have a small counter top gas burner installed for everyday usage instead of using stove plates.

· Always use correct pot or pan size on plate size.

I am sure you can find some value in these tips, if your have some more advice and tips please share them with us.


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