Drain Pumps

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Drain pumps are used in Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Ice-machines and other small domestic appliances to drain water out of appliances
Universal Drain Pump
There are many different types of Drain Pumps but the most common type that is used in Domestic appliances are the Induction motor and Magnetic Type

Induction Pump Motor

The main feature of this motor is that the impeller turns around in 360 degree circles to expel the water. (Impeller is the little blades in a rotating sharft that scoops water in a direction) This type of motor-action is ideal for a very powerful pump to drain water fast.
The negative 
Because this motor only turns in one direction it is so much easier for everyday articles like; hairpins, nails coins and curtain hooks to lodge themselves between the pump-blades. When the pump impeller cannot turn the motor overheats and burnout.

Magnetic Pump

This pump motor drains the laundry water by vibrating the impellers - there is no turning action. Its much harder for something to lodge inside the pump and impeller-blades because of this vibrating-action.
The Negative
The magnetic pump motor has a shorter operating life compare to the induction pump motor.

Signs of a Faulty Drain Pump Motor

  • Water left behind after completig washing cycle
  • Laundry is still wet after spinning
  • Water drain during rinse cycles but once it gets to finale rinse the pump is all heated up and then it does not want to drain.
Quick test;  Drop the outlet/drain-hose flat on the ground if water doesn't run out there is a blockage somewhere in the outlet system

If the water flows out freely then the pump is on the Blink

Hope this information will help you diagnose your appliances, feel free to contact me if you should need more.