08 February 2016

Stove bake Element explodes in Oven

Stove Oven Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Bake-element Blisterd

All electric Elements at some point and time stop working, Most of the time it is the Ovens bake element that goes on the blink!

As a rule the electric element normally goes quietly during the night and then the next time when you want to use the stove-oven. it just doesn't heat up or it takes a very long time for the oven to reach bake temperature.

Other times the bake element "goes-out" in a blaze of glory! There is a loud bang, smoke and even flames! Man, this has all the makings of a spark-tacular show and it guarantees to get your heart pumping

The electric oven need 3 components to Function

  1. Thermostat: The thermostat is like a regulator it controls the temperature inside the oven cabinet. This process happen with the thermostat switching the electricity on and off.
  2. Wire: Electricity gets Transport from the thermostat to the electric element. Very Important - Because elements draws a lot of amps it is important  to use only silicone wire and at least a 2mm thick.
  3. Elements; This is unit that actually create the heat by using electricity supplied  by the thermostat through silicone wire
Silicone Wire
In a next post I will cover how to troubleshoot a electric element if there are no visible signs of a blown element

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