41ER Stove Switch replacing the NF1 Satchwell Switch

Stove Repairs in Port Elizabeth

41ER Switch

Instead of the old NF1 Satchwell regulator switch Defy is now using a more sturdy switch for their Stove plate (burner / element) controls.

Connecting the wire to the new switch might seems a little more complicated but that is why you have me.

41ER Stove plate switch

If you are as  lucky as I am to Live in Eastern Cape then your stove plates should also work off single phase electricity (220 Volts) and you must add a jumper wire between P1 terminal and terminal 4 (see picture)

The other wires of your stove plate should be connected in the following sequence

  • P2 - Pilot (lamp)
  • 2  -  Load ( to stove elements)
  • P1 - Live (from fuse box or main power terminal)
  • 4A - Neutral (blue wire or Negative)
I hope this information helps to make your appliance repairs more pleasurable?
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